Make-up V No Make-up: Leave Me Alone!


This week for me hasn't been that great. Not only have I had a multiple of crappy days but I always started suffering really badly with my hayfever. After spending a majority of the past few days sneezing and blowing my nose, I decided to why bother and ditched my normal "everyday" make-up and just stick to the essentials (foundation and mascara).

Although I'd seen similar posts like this before over the Internet warning about how people react when you don't wear any make-up, it still didn't prepare me for the "Oh you look ill" and "You look terrible!" comments from my work colleagues. Yes, I feel sick but I felt so much worse when people kept pointing out how ill I looked! Yes, I know I have a bright red nose and terrible bags under my eyes - you don't need to inform me! I do have a pair of eyes!

Like I said I've read other posts where bloggers experimented with wearing no makeup, "every day make-up" and then lastly "going out" make-up to see the different responses from friends and colleagues and to be honest, I thought the results were actually quite offensive. No make-up at all got comments that they looked rough and ill (like what I did!) and the full face of make-up got comments that she looked too over the top and like a drag queen (!). The "Every day make-up" which most of us wear obviously every day had little to none comments because people believed that it was our normal look and our natural "beauty" and even that they sort of expected us to wear this type of make-up everyday.

I rarely wear make-up on a weekend as I feel like having a few days off and letting your skin breathe is very important. A few weekends ago I even went up my local shopping centre wearing nothing at all other than my normal moisturiser and I have to admit, it felt amazing! I thought I'd be bothered by all the stares and gawks at my ugly bare skin but there wasn't any. It was actually quite empowering!

What I'm trying to say in this rant post is that girls/women shouldn't feel pressured to wear make-up to look "beautiful". If we do wear it, it should be for us, to make us feel better and not for anyone else!


You tell 'em Thumper!
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