What To Do When You're Having A S**t Day!


In my normal everyday "outside of blogging" day I have to admit that I have got a slight potty mouth. All my friends and family can easily agree that I have a great talent of putting a swear word in nearly every sentence I speak - I just can't help it. I do try to lower that and be a bit more professional on my blog and contain my impulses but today however has been such a fucking shite day, that I just want to scream FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!! Surely I'm not the only one who feels like this?

Since I'm in such a bad mood, I thought it would be quite helpful for me to write a post about all the things that normally cheer me up, or at least take my mind off it!

bad day

1. Listen to music
Whether it's heavy thrash rock metal or something calming like waterfalls and whales, music is always a great way for me to de-stress. Plugging in my earphones for even half an hour can cheer me up to no end. Optional but I think is a must, dancing around the bedroom singing to your favourite ballad can also help!

2. Watch a favourite Movie/TV Show
If music isn't your thing, then snuggle up on your sofa/bed and watch something that will always put a smile back on your face. Either an old goodie from your childhood or that new TV series that you've been dying to watch, it's a perfect way to forget about your problems. I will personally normally opt for a Rom Com or comedy but whatever makes you happy!

3. Have a drink
Now I'm not saying go and get "off your face", but I find that having a cool glass of wine can chill me out quite nicely. If you're under age or just don't drink, I recommend eating a tubful of Ben & Jerrys. Just basically treat yourself to something nice. It's perfect bad day material!

4. Go to the Gym
Anywhere you look online will tell you that doing any exercise is a great stress relief and even after doing an hour in the gym can make me feel so much better. Obviously a few rounds on the punch bag is great (imagine the face of the person whose annoyed you!) but even having 20 minutes on the treadmill can rid of all that pent up aggression!

5. Go out with Friends
Distract yourself by having a good gossip with your friends. Whether it's actually going out or just chatting to them over the phone, just having someone to talk to can instantly take a lot of pressure off your shoulder and sometimes they can even give good unbiased advice on what to do next.

6. Cry
If all else fails, cry. Honestly just crawling into bed and having a good cry into your pillow can make all the difference. Normally for me I hide all my emotions until I reach a point where I can't cope and I just explode in a burst of tears. But after that, I'm okay and can carry on my day!

I know we all get bad days but sometimes all you need to do is just vent a little and hey....bad day


  1. hahah this was funny. I love watching my fav movie (Dirty Dancing...dont judge me :p) when I'm feeling shit. Hope you feel better soon :)

    Pam Scalfi♥

    1. Dirty Dancing is a great film! I watch that too when I feel bad :) xo

  2. Great tips, Have a lovely week beautiful.


  3. I love a good swear too, sometimes you just need to let it all out! Really enjoyed all these ideas, I know I always find myself doing similar when I'm down in the dumps :)
    Megan x
    London Callings

    1. Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one! :) xo

  4. Completely agree. There's nothing like popping on a Classic Disney film when you're feeling down.


  5. haha I can totally relate! Completely agree with the last one- I had to have a good cry myself today lol! Sometimes its just needed!

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. It really is :) Sometimes it's the only thing that makes you feel better! xo

  6. Haha, totally with you on all of these! A glass of wine and chilling on the sofa watching something you love cures everything!

    Lucy x

  7. This is every day of my life! When i've had a bad day, I always listen to music or watch YouTube.
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