Wilkinson Sword Intuition Ultra Moisture Shaver Review!


When it comes to shaving, I have to admit I'm pretty boring. The shaving part itself is SO boring and it kills me having to spend so much money on shavers. I didn't ask to be hairy and I definitely didn't ask for being hairy to not be acceptable in this day and age! I know a lot of you are probably thinking "Why don't you wax?" or "Why don't you try an epilator?". Pain. That's why. I hate pain and will try and avoid it at all costs. So that basically leaves shaving. Urgh!

In February's Glossybox we were all kindly sent a brand new Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk Shaver and it was probably the first time in a long while that I actually had a "luxary" shaver - BIC is normally my best friend! At first I wasn't that fussed but after a few uses I had finally saw the error of my ways and was in love with shavers! 

Unforunately it start to do a bit blunt so on my next trip to Tesco, I vowed to pick up some replacement heads but when I finally got there there was a huge sale on most shavers. So instead of buying just the heads, I came out with a whole new shaver. Whoops! I decided to test out the Wilkinson Sword Intuition Ultra Moisture shaver! I was drawn to the special shea butter soap surrounding the shaver and was actually looking forward to my next shower so I could test it out!

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wilkinson razer
wilkinson razer
wilkinson razer

As I mentioned above, the main reason I brought this shaver was for the shea butter soap around the shaver head. I've used shavers like this before when I was a teenager but it's been a while! The idea of the soap is to help moisture and create a lather to ensure a smooth and soft shave and I have to admit that my legs did feel a lot softer after using. I found because of the soap as well, it was great for if you were in a rush and didn't have time to have a shower as the soap lathered up and didn't leave the horrible dry shave rash.

The gorgeous scent of the shea butter is my favourite part of this shaver and it only gets stronger when it's lathered up in the shower. I'm not sure how long the soap will last though as even after a few uses I could see how quickly it had gone down.

I'd definitely recommend this shaver if you fancy something a little different plus for the price I paid I would it's not a bad product!

You can check this out at Boots, Superdrug or at Tesco like me. Psst - It's currently on offer at Superdrug for £3.48!
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