Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo Foam Review!


As most girls will probably agree, the invention of the dry shampoo has made their life's so much easier and I don't know about you but if I had ever met the inventor, I'd hug him/her! I remember it being quite early when I needed to use dry shampoo if I wanted to go a few days without washing my hair and I wouldn't even want to imagine the amount of Batiste cans I've brought since then.

Although I do rave about Batiste being my fave, I do also like to try different brands whenever something new is out (or on offer!). Glossybox must have read my mind and in one of my last monthly box, they sent me the Zerreau Towel Off Shampoo Foam! I've heard of this type of shampoo before and I have previously tried another brand before but I was still eager to give this a go and see if I could make that jump from dry shampoo to now wet!

zerreau beauty dry shampoo
zerreau beauty dry shampoo
zerreau beauty dry shampoo

Although the idea of this is quite cool, part of me just couldn't get myself to love it. It's like my brain couldn't understand how adding a watery foam onto my hair will clean it and get rid of my oily roots. The idea is you squirt a small handful of the foam onto your palm and massage it into your roots then grab your hair towel and rub your hair dry. Sounds simple?

Personally I didn't think this worked. Even after towel drying my roots still felt a bit wet which I thought just added to the grease and oil instead of "towelling away" as said on the bottle.  I honestly think that my dry shampoo cans or even my Lush powder shampoo is much better and I think I'll be sticking to them!

You can check the Shampoo Foam here on the Superdrug website where it's currently on sale for £6.99 and you make your own mind up!
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