Collection Lasting Perfection Pressed Powder Review!


There always comes a time when us girls go shopping and purchase things that we know we don't exactly need but just can't stop ourselves from buying anyway. Well a few weeks ago this happened to me but in the middle of my local Superdrug. I had only a few weeks before brought myself a new pressed powder but there I was standing in front of the Collection range stand eyeing up their Lasting Perfection powder and I knew I had to have it!

I did try and justify it a little by the other powder I brought was slightly too light for me and I was probably going to have to sell it anyway. So of course I needed the Collection powder. Really I did!

I've used a few Collection products recently, especially their Lasting Perfection concealer which is amazing by the way, so I was expecting the same!

collection lasting powder
collection lasting powder
collection lasting powder
collection lasting powder
collection powder

As I said above, I was a little annoyed with myself for picking my last powder a shade too light, so this time I went for Medium instead of my normal light just to make sure I didn't make the same mistake. Luckily for me this shade matched me perfectly!

The best chance for me to test out products is at work. Not only am I there for a long time but I'm normally rushing around so much that I can really tell how long lasting products can be. The Lasting Perfection powder boasts about lasting for a whole 16 hours and although it didn't stay on for that long, it did manage to keep my face shine free for the whole of my shift. Not bad!

As well as the powder being very long lasting, I also found that it helped cover my nasty blemishes without caking my skin in powder! The formula is very light but also gives a perfect amount of coverage. A great combo!

The other aspect of this powder that I really enjoyed was the packaging. It's super plain and simple but solid enough that it could take a bit of battering in your handbag - it's something we have to think about! The powder also comes with a handy sponge and mirror for when you're on the go!

Overall I've really enjoyed this powder and I've actually used it non-stop since buying it. It doesn't last the promised 16 hours but it's still super long lasting and helps me hide my hideous blemishes. I definitely would repurchase when this ran out!

If you like the look of this powder and you want one for yourself? Then check it out on Superdrug's website where it's currently on offer for £2.99!
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