MUA Matte Black Eyeliner Review!


I know that one of the main topics for beauty bloggers are make-up tutorials or posts about their new everyday make-up. Even as a blogger myself, I love reading these posts not only be nosey of course but to get some handy tips and ideas that I could use on myself. I personally haven't ever done any tutorials and my everyday make-up is pretty much always the same. I actually don't think I've changed my look since I was about 18 which is such a long time ago! You can't beat the ol' liquid eyeliner though!

The good thing about sticking to a certain look is that you often have a lot of experience in buying lots of different brands versions of something so in my case, it's liquid eye liner. Over the years I have definitely tried my fair share and only a small handful have stood up to my high standards.

On a recent visit to Superdrug I managed to pick up MUA's new matte finish black eye liner as mine was starting to run out. I wasn't really expecting much as I've tried MUA's other liquid eye liner and I wasn't that impressed with it!

MUA matte effect eyeliner
MUA matte effect eyeliner
MUA matte effect eyeliner
mua eyeliner

The first day I used this eye liner I managed to create the PERFECT flick eye liner. Now as most bloggers who use this look will understand, getting the perfect flick is a skill and can sometimes takes hours to perfect so I like to think that being able to do this on my first go makes this eye liner amazing. End of!

As I said above I've used my fair share of eye liners so I know what things I expect from it and the main one for me is long lasting. My current eye liner is the Collection Extreme 24 Hour Eye liner and also it boosts about lasting for a whole 24 hours, the reality is unfortunately a lot less. MUA however seemed to have cracked the code for this as every day that I've used this eye liner, it has not moved an inch from my face and even at the end of the day it's a struggle to remove. Can't beat that for £2!

The main selling point of this eye liner was it being matte and to be honest I always thought my other eye liners were pretty matte. Maybe not. Either way once again MUA have been spot on and they've created a perfect matte formula which I am now completely in love with. Once you go matte, you can't go back! 

Overall I'm really loving this eye liner and I still cannot believe it only cost £2. I would definitely repurchase and I might even pick up their other wet look eye liner to see how well that is too. You can check them out on the MUA website or pop in store to your local Superdrug!
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