My 25th Birthday Wishlist!


With just under a few weeks until my 25th birthday, I would now would be a perfect time to create my birthday wishlist! This was actually quite hard as there's not much that I want so a few of these might be a little unrealistic. A girl can dream though, right?

birthday wishlist

1. Pandora charm. I really love my Pandora bracelet and it's even nicer to receive new charms to add to your collection. The only that really caught my eye and which I've included in the wishlist is the Happiness charm. I love charms that have a special meaning and I thought that I could do with a little happiness in my life! 

2. Crazy Cat Lady mug. Just so I can show everybody just how much I love cats.

3. Primark gift card. What can I say? I love Primark!

4. Flowerbomb perfume by Viktor & Rolf. Because this smells amazing and I'm too poor to buy it for myself!

5. Marc Jacobs watch. I do normally love Marc Jacobs thicker band watches but this simple and dainty strap with the rose gold detail is just gorgeous and I have to have it!

6. FITBIT watch. I sold my last fitness watch and I instantly regretted it. I definitely want to buy another one and the Fitbit watch looks really good! 

7. Game of Thrones Book Set. I love reading and since I was such a big fan of the show, I'd get the books! Even if I don't get this as a present I will definitely be buying this for myself anyway!

8. Disney Princess Vans. I think everyone has a pair of these by now and I don't care how childish and silly I will look when wearing them, I want them!

9. To Do list plaque. Just because it's so freaking adorable!

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