My First Tattoo: Leo Horoscope!


If you follow me on Instagram (account here just in case you're not!) you've already seen my big news of the week! I've been going through a few things in my personal life and apart from the obvious feeling of being low and depressed, I've also had an overwhelming urge to go and do something a little crazy. All manner of things were going around in my head but the one that stuck out the most was for to get a tattoo!

I'd been thinking about getting one for the longest of time so it wasn't exactly a on the whim decision and I already knew exactly what I wanted. Obviously as this was my first, I wanted it to be small so I didn't have to sit through hours of pain if I really didn't want to. Luckily what I wanted was small and actually only took about 2 minutes tops!

The meaning behind the tattoo is that it's basically my star sign - Leo. I'm not really into horoscopes and fortune telling etc. but after reading a few different versions of the personality traits I knew that being a Leo was dead on for me. I decided to get this tattooed on me as a little reminder to be the fierce, confident lion inside of me! Even when I'm feeling low and depressed!

leo tattoo
leo tattoo
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