My Recent AliExpress Goodies Part 1!


It's been a while since I had a good Aliexpress haul and it feels like I've done nothing but order from there recently. My bank account is really loving me right now!

If you haven't heard of Aliexpress before it's basically an Asian website where they sell pretty much anything you could imagine. Trust me! I wrote a blog post earlier this year with everything that I've brought and I thought I would do an updated post a few months on!


I'm a little disappointed when this came as I was expecting the chain to be slightly longer. It feels slightly too tight for my neck but other than that it's a gorgeous simple necklace!


I LOVE this! It's so adorable! There's a few different designs to pick from and I'm so tempted to order another!


I have to admit I went a little crazy when my new iPhone came and I think I might have ordered too many cases! I loved the print on this wallet and I know I'll definitely make use of it plus it has a handy stand for my phone!

I really love the Kate Spade bag range and of course there's no way I can afford to buy myself the real thing so this cute little messenger bag is a perfect substitute! You can it's obviously a fake but it's still not bad for under £7!

disney pandora
bow pandora aliexpress

Pandora Charms | One, Two & Three
I never really wanted to buy fake or cheap charms on my real Pandora bracelet but they're Disney and I couldn't say no! Both of the Disney charms I'm so happy with and I could definitely see myself ordering more of them. Unfortunately I'm not so impressed with the Bow charm. It looks a little cheap and you can even see in the picture that one of the bottom right diamant├ęs is on backwards! Not a complete success! 


I really needed a mouse mat for my desk and I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it. The quality isn't as amazing as I'd hoped but for less than £2, I can't exactly moan. Plus it's Grumpy Cat!
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