New Look Summer 60% Off Sale! ♥


Although I'm sad that our English Summer is probably over and done with (I think it was around 3 days in total?), the only thing that helps me through is all the summer sales!

I love going up my local shopping centre and seeing "50% off" and "Everything half price!" in all the shops windows. It makes me very happy and my debit card cry. 

One of my favourite places to abuse when they have a sale on, is New Look. I always manage to nab some great offers and I have to admit this one haul is probably one of my best! Of course I thought I would do a haul post to show off all my goodies. Enjoy!

new look sale haul
new look sale haul

White Crochet Trim Vest| £8.99 £4.00
The first thing on my list is actually the last thing I added into my basket. It looked really simple and pretty on the model but when it came it's a bit loose and very short! It's not bad for £4 though, even if I do end up wearing it to bed!
new look sale haul

Inspire Royal Blue Pussybow Tie Dress | £22.99 £7.00
I loved this as soon as I saw it and I knew I had to have it! It's a gorgeous royal blue colour and it comes just below my knee so I can easily wear it now in the Summer and in the upcoming Autumn months! So pleased I managed to back this one!
new look sale haulnew look sale haul

Inspire Grey Crochet Split Back Vest | £17.99 £8.00
Although this is probably the cutest little vest I've ever since, I don't think I'd pay full price of £18 for it! Slightly too much for what it's worth and I was so much happier to pay just £8!

new look sale haulnew look sale haul

Inspire Aztec Print Skater Skirt | £14.99 £8.00
I have been eyeing this skirt up from the day it was put up and I was desperate for it to be in the sale. Obviously this was the first thing that went in my basket and I have to admit, I'm even more in love with it when it finally arrived. It has cute buttons all down the front and handy pockets. I'M IN LOVE!

new look sale haulnew look sale haulnew look sale haul

Inspire Black Stripe Split Size Maxi Dress | £17.99 £6.00
This is an absolute steal for only £6 and I was so excited that they had it in my size! It has a sort of ribbed stripe effect with a gorgeous big split down the left side to show off those legs! I'll have to practice my Angelina Jolie pose!

new look sale haul
new look sale haul

Black Glitter Front Wedges| £22.99 £10.00
This is probably my slightly crazy purchase but come on, they're glittery! I have absolutely no idea when I'll get a chance to wear them out but I will definitely try my hardest to find an occasion!
new look sale haulnew look sale haul

Clear Crystal Drop Earrings | £2.99 £1.00
These are my little bargain find for just £1! They're so cute and adorable and I never want to stop wearing them!
new look sale haulnew look sale haul

Silver Stone Choker | £3.99 £2.00
Although this looked super adorable on the website, I'm not so sure when it finally arrived. What do you guys thinks?   

I hope you liked everything I brought and maybe even convinced you enough to check out the New Look sale out for yourselves!
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