Poundworld Miss Beauty Make-up Review!*


One of the main reasons I started this blog was to show that not all designer and expensive brands are worth the price tag and that smaller and cheaper brands can produce just as amazing products. Since starting I've tried and tested many different products and my keen favourites are always easy accessible in your local Superdrug/Boots.

Well a few months ago Poundworld released their own make-up range, Miss Beauty and I was asked if I would like to test out a few of their products and of course I jumped at the chance! 

Miss Beauty has caused a massive wave in the beauty world since releasing with even big newspapers like The Daily Mail and The Mirror talking about how amazing and good quality they are. I have to admit reading all their articles made me excited and apprehensive to finally receive my package!

poundland miss beauty
poundland miss beauty
poundland miss beauty

Concealer - I was surprised to find that the shade was a perfect match for my skin and it easily blended in to my foundation. I usually go for concealers with a slightly higher coverage but for £1 I was still really impressed with it!

Blusher - Once again another great shade and I really enjoyed the way it looked on my skin. When I first opened it, I thought it would be slightly too pink for my skin tone but it actually went on quite lightly which made it easy for me to build up to a level that I felt comfortable with.

Pressed Powder - Miss Beauty have done a great job with their pressed powder as it really matched my skintone and even nicely covered my skin fully but lightly and didn't clog my pores up. Although I really loved this product, I don't think I could use it very often as the smell was quite strong. It's slightly too perfumed for me - Sorry Poundworld!
poundland miss beauty

Mascara - I was really surprised with how much I enjoyed this mascara and I couldn't believe that it was only £1! I've brought more expensive brands mascaras and I have not enjoyed them as much as I did this one. It really lengthened my lashes and also added a nice unexpected volume to them. I cannot praise this mascara enough!

Eye shadow - Although I found the eye shadow to be a gorgeous pigmented colour, this is personally not a colour that I would buy myself as it's slightly too light but I could definitely see myself using it to help create different looks or even as a highlighter for my eyebrows.
poundland miss beauty

Lipstick - Another great colour but once again not one that I would pick out for myself. I wish I had the confidence to pull off the bright red lips looks but I'm afraid I can't! The lipstick formula itself was amazing and it glided onto my lips nice and smooth. I could definitely see myself picking up another lipstick but maybe in a more nude shade!

poundland miss beauty

Glitter Nail Varnish - Although I normally avoid glitter nail varnishes, I have to admit I did enjoy this one! Most that I've tried in the past hardly put any glitter on your nails but this purple Miss Beauty varnish only needed about 2 coats before my nail was full of glitter and sequins! Definitely want to pick a few of these up in different colours!

Gel Nail Varnish - Another great nail varnish from Miss Beauty and this time it's one of the hottest phase right now in the beauty world - Gel nails! I received a gorgeous girly pink shade which is so perfect for Summer and I'm super excited to start wearing this out. Great pick Poundworld!

Over all I'm really impressed with all of these products and I can easily see myself incorporating these products into my every make-up. Apart from a few shades I wasn't too keen on, all products have great formulas and I don't think you could tell that they only cost a pound each. Great range Miss Beauty! I will definitely be buying more of you!

What do you think of Miss Beauty? 
Have you tried any of their range before?

*These products were gifted to me by Miss Beauty but all my opinions are my own.
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