Working Out In Style: Fabletics Review!


I wouldn't exactly say I'm a big lover of the gym or that I'll happily spend every night in there like other people I know, but over the past couple of weeks I've really started to enjoy my time there and I've even found myself setting goals and targets and actually accomplishing them. Go me!

Obviously apart from getting fitter, another part that makes me like the gym is going out and buying new gym wear. Yes, I get excited about buying new trainers. My current kit was only from Primark and although it's served me well, I have started to noticed it's looking a bit shabby. On one of my recent visits to the gym, whilst watching the TV on the cross trainer I saw an advert for a company called Fabletics offering full gym outfits for only £22. Making a note of the name, I carried on with my work out and goggled them when I got home.

If you've not heard of Fabletics before like me, they're basically a sportswear company which offers membership subscription which gives 40% off all outfits. Not bad! One of my favourite actresses Kate Hudson is Co-Founder and probably the face of the company and as such you can look through the site and shop her "favourite outfits".

When you first sign you, they ask you to complete a short little questionnaire regarding your preferred workout and lifestyle to narrow down your outfits. After spending a good couple of hours looking through these I finally decided on my outfit and placed my order!

 The bottoms even match my trainers! :)

When you make your first order, you're automatically set up with a VIP membership and at first it took me a little while to get my head around it. As you explore Fabletics, sure enough you'll add a few items/outfits into your wish and on the 1st of every month, Fabletics will send you these selected outfits! If there's nothing that takes your fancy that month or you just can't afford it, you also have the option to skip and you won't be charged that month. This can be seen as really deceptive or helpful. Not sure which yet though.

The package itself didn't take long to come and as soon as I was back from work, I ripped it open the parcel to see the goodies inside. Both the T-shirt and the bottoms are exactly as described and are even more gorgeous in person. They're both definitely better quality than my Primark kit and they're so comfortable to wear.

Overall, I personally love my order and I'm super excited to try it out on the gym. I'm not so sure about keeping up with the VIP membership as it does feel a bit pushy but then you can't turn down the tempting 40%! Ahh, decisions!

I went with the Ashland Outfit but there are hundreds more combinations you can have so get on their website to check them out or to even create your own!
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