Petal Poppet Blogs is going Sober!


Yes, the title is telling the truth!
I have decided to take part of the Dryathlon for Cancer Research. That means for the whole month of September, no alcohol can pass my lips no matter how shitty and stressful my days has been.

I actually took part of the"Go Sober for October" back in 2013 for the Macmillan charity and although I found it extremely difficult at times, I felt so proud of myself when November finally came around. Two years on and I am just as excited to take this challenge again no matter how it nearly killed me the first time! Let's do it!

As well as obviously doing this for a good cause that all the money sponsored goes towards cancer research, but taking the challenge could have lots of potential perks for yourself as well. Just imagine what you could achieve in an iron willed month without hangovers and feeling sorry for yourself! You'll not only be raising lots of money to bring forward the day all cancers are cured but there are all these other potential benefits too:
  • Feel more energetic which means you'll be able to get more done
  • Sleep better or even snore less. YAY!
  • Cut the calories and lose weight
  • Healthier bank balance
  • Sense of achievement
  • Fresh approach to alcohol consumption
  • Time to do all those things you keep putting off. 
charity page 

You can check out my profile here for a bit of inspiration if you fancy taking the challenge for yourself. There's no pressure to sponsor me as well! 

Autumn/Winter Mini Primark Haul!


It's been a while since I last hauled in Primark (about two weeks) and since they're getting in all their gorgeous Autumn range in, I thought I would get a head start and pick up some goodies.

There was so many great things in there at the moment and I really did have to try hard to not spend all of my wages. I will definitely have to go back in a few more weeks though to get more especially some of the new winter boots (insert heart eye emoji)

Now I stupidly lost the receipt so I'm not sure on many of the prices. Sorry!

Primark haul

Red Hippy Patterned Dress
I saw this dress the past 3 times that I've been in and I've always avoided putting it in my basket. This time though, I built up the courage and tried it on. Needless to say, I fell in love with it! As soon as I came home, I changed into it and wore it for the rest of the day!

Primark haul

Red Tartan Shirt Dress
I was a little hesitant about buying this as I thought the shirt dress was done and dusted but apparently it's come out. I did however try this on and once again, I fell in love with it! I am so looking forward to pairing this with thick tights, boots and my leather jacket in the Autumn/Winter months!

Primark haul

White Check Shirt
I originally was going to buy this for an interview but I decided it was too pretty to just keep for one occasion! They do also have different patterns in the same style but I really liked the simplicity of the check. Plus I thought it would look great paired up with my leather jacket or a big comfy cardigan!
Primark haul

Black Tie Up Flats
I finally got my hands on a pair of these! I was a little on the fence about these shoes but finally decided to buy me a pair and see how I get on. They're a little different from other styles that I've seen but I don't think they were too bad for around £10!

Primark haul

Black and Gold Flats
I am absolutely in love with these shoes. As soon as I saw them I knew I had to have a pair and lucky for me there was only one pair left in my size. Fate!

Primark haul

Boxer Pants | £1.70 each
Every time I go to Primark I always pick up a few new pairs of their boxer shorts. They are hands down the most comfiest underwear I've ever worn! Plus £1.70 each is such a bargain!

Primark haul

White T-Shirt Bra | £5
Once again, another one of my go-to underwear products from Primark. I have no idea what number of these bras I'm on but it has to be 10 now. They are super comfortable and perfect for everyday wear or work!

Primark haul

Egg Make-up Sponge | £1.50
It may not be the most expensive egg sponge out there on the market but it's an absolute steal for only £1.50! I normally tend to buy a new one every couple of months as well because they're so cheap!

Primark haulPrimark haul

Faux Suede Mac | £25
I was determined to buy a new Winter coat and as soon as I saw this faux suede rain mac I knew I had to have it! I have no idea how good it's going to be against the cold and rain but at least I'll look good, right?

Primark haul

Disney Original Princess PJ Set
I am a huge Disney fan and although I love all the newer films that they're bringing out, you can't deny how good the classics are. Especially all the princess films. This set is specially all the original princess and even has adorable statements all over the bottoms, including "original princess". The duo are super comfy and I am definitely tempted to go back and buy a few more bottoms for sparesies!

MUA Luxe Bronze & Sculpt Contour Kit Review!


A few weeks ago I went a little bit crazy in Superdrug and considering I had no money to spend - I still came out with £20 worth of goodies. I just couldn't help myself!

Now like I said above, it was a few weeks ago and I have to admit that I actually forgot that I brought the MUA Bronze & Sculpt contouring kit so I'm only now just getting around to reviewing it now! Whoops!

As most of my frequent readers know, I love MUA and since I heard they had released some new products into their LUXE range, I knew I had to get my hands on them. Unfortunately my local Superdrug was slightly under stocked and I only managed to pick up this contour kit! Oh well!

MUA luxe contour
MUA luxe contour
MUA luxe contour
MUA luxe contour
mua bronzer

First off, I love the packaging! It follows the theme of the previous LUXE products with this glam golden look and I just think it's fab. Inside there's a handy mirror with the first layer of shimmery highlighter and hidden underneath is a darker matte contour bronzing powder. 

Now despite buying so many different easy-to-do kits and researched numerous tutorials online, I'm terrible at contouring. So obviously I was going into this thinking it'd be another fail but it actually ended up being quite a nice little duo. I went with the Light/Medium shade as I am quite pale but I have to admit that I think it still looks slightly too dark for me. What do you think? 

Overall like I said above, it's a nice little duo set and although I personally think it's a little too much for me, I still really enjoyed it. Maybe if I went on holiday and got a tan it would work a bit better?

If you fancy trying it out for yourself, you can check it out on the MUA website where it's selling for £5!

Bourjois Paris Maxi Delight Bronzer Review!


For the past couple of weeks, I've been on a bit of a mission to make myself look as tan as possible since I'm not going abroad this year. I refuse to be left the pale one while everyone else around goes on lovely holidays and comes back with gorgeous tans to match. I REFUSE!

Apart from the obvious fake tan, I've also been adding bronzer into my everyday make-up routine and although I love the way it makes me look, my bronzer is just not up to the job. I'm currently using the MUA bronzer and unfortunately I can't last a few hours with it as I cannot stand the way it smells - it's far too sweet!

I did however manage to pick myself up the Bourjois Sunkiss Collection kit from Boots while it was on offer and that came with the gorgeous Maxi Delight Bronze with brush. I was intimidated by the sheer size of it - trust me, it's massive! But since I was so eager to be tanned, I carried on regardless.

bourjois bronzer
bourjois bronzer
bourjois bronzer
bourjois bronzer
bourjois bronzer
bourjois bronzer
Ignore my terrible eyebrows. I never realised how terrible they was when I took the picture!

I've been using this bronzer for a few weeks now and I have to admit I love the way it makes me look. It can be just a very subtle glow when you first apply but it can easily be built up for a more dramatic look - which is a great plus because I hate bronzers/blushers that look far too thick and solid after just one application. It's bronzer - not face paint!

As I said above, the one reason I hated my old bronzer was the smell and that will never be a problem with the Maxi Delight - it just smells gorgeous! It's very subtle but sweet and reminds me slightly of candy. Something I will never complain about.

The formula itself is very light and doesn't look over-shimmery. No one likes like the glitter overload look. It can easily outlast my work day and then some so there's no fear of it fading and you turning back to your true milk bottle state.

Overall this bronzer is my dream come true and I can see myself using this for a very long time! If you were unlucky enough not to get the Sunkiss Collection kit, you can pick up the Maxi Delight bronzer on it's own for £8.99 from Boots!

Lush Rose Jam Bubbleroon Review!


Last week I had a mini shopping haul in Lush and being eager to use everything is an understatement. Apart from stocking up with my amazing No Drought dry shampoo, I also treated myself to two bath bombs/bubbleroons. There was too much to pick from so I went with ones that "looked the most prettiest" and Rose Jam bubbleroon fitted the bill perfectly. It's moulded in the shape of a macaroon but a lot more glittery and gorgeous!

The bubbleroon is made from lemon, rose and geranium oil that is supposed to help "perk you up" while coconut oil and Shea butter leave your skin feeling gorgeous. The rose oil and rose absolute give a double dose of rosiness is also added to help to clear the mind and boost your mood. Not bad for a bath bomb!

I didn't really want to break it up like the Lush website suggested, so I just threw it in the bath and let it dissolve by itself! The smell is gorgeous and the colour that it turned the water was even better! Even when the water was cold, I still didn't want to get out!

Rose Jam was £3.75 and you can check it out here on the Lush website.

 rose jam lush bomb
rose jam lush bomb
rose jam bomb lush
rose jam bomb lush
rose jam bomb lush
rose jam bomb lush

Wake Up And Smell The Roses: National Gallery Bouquet from Prestige Flowers!


There's nothing better than coming home after work to lovely packages waiting for you by the front door. Whether it's that gorgeous pair of shoes you've had your eye on for weeks or just a new case for your iPhone, it's still nice to treat yourself to something new.

Well last week I woke up on a beautiful Saturday morning to a huge box full of gorgeous flowers! The bouquet was sent to me by Prestige Flowers who are currently voted No. 1 on Reviewcentre and are the editor’s choice for Best Online Florist on Reviewforist. They sell a wide range of fresh flowers, plants and hampers throughout the UK and I was lucky enough to have a special bouquet from their National Gallery flowers range. Lucky me!

prestige flowers
prestige flowers
prestige flowers
prestige flowers
prestige flowers
prestige flowers
prestige flowers

After doing a quick research on Prestige Flowers, I found that I was sent the Turner Bouquet. Reminiscent of the stunning sunset in Turner's Fighting Temeraire, the bouquet includes beautiful Miss Piggy Roses, with orange fading to dusky pink outer petals which symbolises the beautiful sunset contrasts with the subtle blue Eryngium and deep purple Trachelium. The white Bouvardia softens this bouquet like the mists and the ghostly Temeraire in the painting. How gorgeous!
All the luxury flower bouquets are inspired by the masterpieces housed at The National Gallery and are designed by their floral designers exclusively for the gallery.

Incase this collection doesn't suit your fancy, there are hundreds more to choose from including hampers and and food crates. They even make candy bouquets and I am already eyeing this one up! How cute!

As you can the bouquet itself is absolutely gorgeous and it's currently taking centre stage on my desk. I'm so happy that I got a chance to receive this bouquet and after seeing how gorgeous (and surprisingly cheap!) they are, I'd be happy to buy a few of these for birthdays and other special occasions!

*I was sent this to trial but my opinions are honest and my own.

My Recent AliExpress Goodies: Part 2!


A few weeks ago I wrote a post showing off all my goodies from Aliexpress but since I ordered SO much, I thought I would split it up into two parts. Yeah, I ordered that much! Yikes!


I keep seeing people give amazing reviews of the new phase fibre mascara and I have to admit I was a little intrigued. I know this isn't the real deal and I probably won't get the real experience of trying the fibre mascara, but for just over £4, I thought why not!


I love accessorising my car and house keys and this cute purple silicone cover is perfect for snazzing up my car keys. I wanted something to make them stand out as the lining in my bag is black and since my keys are black, I normally have a struggle locating them when I'm in a rush. Hopefully bright purple will make them stand out more for me!


 I've brought a few lipsticks from Aliexpress and for the money, they've not been too bad. I thought I'd add to my collection by picking up these two darker plum/red shades for Autumn/Winter. A girl has got to be prepared!


Another cute and adorable bargain is this floral bow headband for only 98p! I loved the print of it and I thought it could look cute with a few different outfits I have at home. The headband does also come in different patterns and colours if this one isn't for you!

 headband aliexpress 

I couldn't resist picking up another headband but this time it's a gorgeous subtle flower garland. I don't think I can pull off the bigger floral headband so this is my perfect way to be in fashion but also feel comfortable. And that it's 58p!

aliexpress haulaliexpress haul

I didn't actually realise when I ordered this that it was a mac lipstick and to be honest I don't think I would have ordered it if I'd have knew. The colour is gorgeous but I don't want to be that person who gets out their fake MAC lipstick and pretends it's real. Just me?

disney car air freshener aliexpress

How adorable are these? I just couldn't resist when I saw them and surprisingly the scent isn't too bad. It reminds of men's deodorant and soap. It's actually DisMey as well but you can't tell if you don't look close! Sssh!

Avon Outspoken PARTY! by Fergie Review!


As most other beauty bloggers can probably agree, I love splurging on a new perfume every once in a while. Whether it's a cheap little bottle of SO? or an expensive designer brand for £80, it's always nice to swap your scents up and try something a little different.

A few weeks ago, one of my friends started repping for Avon and since it's been a while since I made an order, I grabbed a book off her and starting filling in my order form full of goodies. One of the things I was desperate to purchase was Fergie's new perfume: Outspoken Party! Luckily for me, to celebrate the release, Avon have currently got an amazing offer on that you also receive the body lotion and body spray for free with the perfume. Yes!

I really like Fergie's perfumes and I've brought and loved every fragrance she's brought out for Avon. Plus they're normally only about the £10 mark which I think is a fairly cheap price for how gorgeous they smell!

Party! is Fergie's fourth perfume from the Outspoken range and I honestly can't tell you which is my favourite - they all smell gorgeous! Party! is described as smelling like a blend of intoxicating floral and fruit, including peony, magnolia blossom, mandarin fizz and raspberry! Personally it reminds me slightly of my old school classic. So? Desirable.

Overall I think I'm in love with this perfume and for £15 it's a complete bargain. I really don't think you can go wrong with the Fergie perfume range so even if Party! isn't for you, there's still another 4 to choose from!

fergie outspoken party
fergie outspoken party
fergie outspoken party

As of the last book, the Outspoken Party! set was on offer for £15 which include the body lotion and the body spray. Check it out quick before it's gone!

My Mini Birthday Lush Haul!


I don't think me and Lush ever got off on the right foot. When I would go shopping with my friends as a teenager I would cross the shopping mall because the smell from Lush would be too over powering. Now as an "adult", I actually walk closer because I love the smell. Funny how things change?

Although I'm a new convert to Lush, this isn't the first time that I've used a product from there. I remember my aunt brought me a soap bar style shampoo a few years ago and I absolutely hated it as it did nothing good to my hair. My newest and most favourite product is their No Drought dry shampoo (a review post I did a few years back)

Since it was my birthday last week, I thought I would treat myself to some goodies!

lush haul
lush haul

Since it's been a while since I brought my first No Drought bottle, I was running low so I topped up my supply with a new bottle. The first bottle has lasted me nearly two years which is amazing considering I use it nearly every other night!

Next on my goodies list was two bath bombs! I haven't had a bath for so long so now I'm back home I finally get the chance to abuse the bathroom! Since there was so many to choose from, I narrowed it down to the Frozen bath melt and the Rose Jam bubbleroon.  The Frozen bath bomb smells absolutely gorgeous and the Rose Jam was so sparkly and glittery that I just had to have it.

Since I'm new to Lush, what products would you guys recommend?

Life Update: 30 Before 30!


Since it's just been my 25th birthday, I thought now would be a great time to do a review on my 30 before 30 list! I'm not actually expecting to be able to cross much off since I only created my list a few months ago but oh well!

I did also cheat a bit by crossing out/changing a few of these as they related to my ex and obviously we're not together anymore so I can't do them anymore! Awkward!

21st birthday
This is me from my 21st Birthday!

1. Visit New York 
2. Lose weight and keep it off 
3. Go on at least 3 holidays
4. Get a cat/kitten
5. Buy a new camera 
6. Go to Florida and visit Disney World 
7. Get my first tattoo    (30th June)
8. Reach 1000 followers! 
9. Find a career I love 
10. Feel confident in myself 
11. Learn a new skill 
12. Visit three UK cities I've never been to before (One down!)
13. Give blood 
14. Bake and cook more from scratch 
15. Learn how to contour!
16. Create my ideal skincare routine 
17. Find love
18. Plant fruit, veg and flowers in my garden – and keep them alive 
19. Be more spontaneous 
20. Buy a diary and actually use it
21. Learn how to save money and not spend it! 
22. Have a weekend away by the seaside 
23. Go on a road trip
24. Grow my hair to be long and still healthy
25. Go on a spa day 
26. Bit of a long run, but go Orca whale watching 
27. Learn photography 
28. Visit Italy
29. Learn to not compare myself to other
30. Be happy with what I've got!

I'd like to say that I'm quite close to finishing a few of these or have plans to accomplish a few of these in the next few months! I did however get my first tattoo which is such a big thing for me and I'm still super excited about!