Avon Outspoken PARTY! by Fergie Review!


As most other beauty bloggers can probably agree, I love splurging on a new perfume every once in a while. Whether it's a cheap little bottle of SO? or an expensive designer brand for £80, it's always nice to swap your scents up and try something a little different.

A few weeks ago, one of my friends started repping for Avon and since it's been a while since I made an order, I grabbed a book off her and starting filling in my order form full of goodies. One of the things I was desperate to purchase was Fergie's new perfume: Outspoken Party! Luckily for me, to celebrate the release, Avon have currently got an amazing offer on that you also receive the body lotion and body spray for free with the perfume. Yes!

I really like Fergie's perfumes and I've brought and loved every fragrance she's brought out for Avon. Plus they're normally only about the £10 mark which I think is a fairly cheap price for how gorgeous they smell!

Party! is Fergie's fourth perfume from the Outspoken range and I honestly can't tell you which is my favourite - they all smell gorgeous! Party! is described as smelling like a blend of intoxicating floral and fruit, including peony, magnolia blossom, mandarin fizz and raspberry! Personally it reminds me slightly of my old school classic. So? Desirable.

Overall I think I'm in love with this perfume and for £15 it's a complete bargain. I really don't think you can go wrong with the Fergie perfume range so even if Party! isn't for you, there's still another 4 to choose from!

fergie outspoken party
fergie outspoken party
fergie outspoken party

As of the last book, the Outspoken Party! set was on offer for £15 which include the body lotion and the body spray. Check it out quick before it's gone!
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