DIY | How to Distress Jeans at Home


The title of this post really makes me laugh. Like your jeans have had a bad time recently and you're trying to de-stress them. Run it a bubble bath with some scented candles and whale songs. Just me? No? Moving on!

I've saw a few different posts like this around the blogger world the past few months and although I really liked the look, I never knew if it would suit me - having big thighs and all! But I recently brought a new pair of jeans and I thought instead of throwing away my old jeans, I could distress them and if I didn't like them, it's not like I've wasted money! Perfect!

  • Denim Jeans obviously
  • A sharp, brand new pair of scissors or more specifically, sewing scissors
  • Tweezers 
  • Sandpaper
  • Washing machine and dryer
  • Chalk (not shown) 

1. First try your jeans on so you can have a small idea on where you want to distress. You can mark it up using some chalk if you're unsure.
2. Start to sandpaper around those areas you've marked to give it that extra work and faded look.
3. Grab your scissors and start cutting straight, horizontal slits over the areas you want to distress. You can make these however deep and thick as you like. Go crazy!
4. Use your tweezers to start picking at the threads in the cut you've just made to make it look super worn. 
5. When you're happy, throw them in the wash! Most of your cuts and pulls will even out and exaggerate more whilst in the washing machine.
6. Dry them off in your tumble dryer or on your washing line so you can see your final result. If you're not happy and want the jeans to look slightly more distressed, feel free to go over them again.
7. Rock those new jeans!

diy jeans
diy jeans
diy jeans
diy jeans


distressed jeans
distressed jeans

 Not bad for my first attempt! 
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