Life: How To Deal With A Bad Haircut!


We've all been there. We've all gone to the hairdressers with the perfect style in mind but have ended up coming away in tears. I've even gone in with magazine clippings and have still not come away being happy. It's like it's an experience that all women have to go through!

Now I am a trained Hairdresser after spending two years in college studying which now technically makes me an expert in all things hair (JOKE). This means that I feel confident enough to cut and dye my own hair and when things go wrong you have no one else to blame apart from yourself.

Let's just say I've made a few bad choices when it comes to my hair and because of this, I've got a few go-to tricks to help hide my bad dos!

1. Try out some Updos

updo pinterest

If you're trying to cover up a bad hair colour or a bad cut, try out some updo hair styles. Pinterest and Youtube are great places to get some inspiration as there's tonnes of different tutorials on how to create the perfect look!

2. Accessorise!

headband pinterest

If you're hairs too short to put in an updo or you just prefer to wear your hair down, try adding a little headband or scarf to take the attention away from your bad hair! Over the years I've built up quite a collection of headbands, scarves and pretty clips so I'm pretty prepared for my bad hair days!

3. Bad Fringe? Quiff it!

quiff pinterest

This has worked so many times for me! Granted that if your fringe has been cut a little too short, that it might need a little bit of encouragement in the form of back combing, but the quiff is the perfect option for any bad fringe days! 

4. Use your Tools!

hairdryer pinterest

If you've gone a little too scissor happy with your hair, try using your electric friends to help you out. For example, if your hair cut is a bit wonky and uneven with the one side (trust me, that has happened to me before) try adding a few waves with your curling wand and the cut will be unnoticeable! If you're cut your fringe and you don't like it, try blow-drying it a different way or with your hair brush. There's always a solution!

5. Go back to the Hairdressers

salon pinterest

If you're really unhappy with your hair, save yourself the stress and go to the professionals! It might end up costing a bit more but it's probably the easiest option to fix it. If you went to a salon and you weren't happy, go back there as most hairdressers will be very happy to fix it for you for free!

6. Deal with it tomorrow!

bed pinterest

Another trick that I've used it the past - just forgetting about it. Curl up in bed, read a book, watch some Netflix but don't stress yourself about how your hair looks. You can always deal with it tomorrow!

All images are from Pinterest!
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