MUA Luxe Bronze & Sculpt Contour Kit Review!


A few weeks ago I went a little bit crazy in Superdrug and considering I had no money to spend - I still came out with £20 worth of goodies. I just couldn't help myself!

Now like I said above, it was a few weeks ago and I have to admit that I actually forgot that I brought the MUA Bronze & Sculpt contouring kit so I'm only now just getting around to reviewing it now! Whoops!

As most of my frequent readers know, I love MUA and since I heard they had released some new products into their LUXE range, I knew I had to get my hands on them. Unfortunately my local Superdrug was slightly under stocked and I only managed to pick up this contour kit! Oh well!

MUA luxe contour
MUA luxe contour
MUA luxe contour
MUA luxe contour
mua bronzer

First off, I love the packaging! It follows the theme of the previous LUXE products with this glam golden look and I just think it's fab. Inside there's a handy mirror with the first layer of shimmery highlighter and hidden underneath is a darker matte contour bronzing powder. 

Now despite buying so many different easy-to-do kits and researched numerous tutorials online, I'm terrible at contouring. So obviously I was going into this thinking it'd be another fail but it actually ended up being quite a nice little duo. I went with the Light/Medium shade as I am quite pale but I have to admit that I think it still looks slightly too dark for me. What do you think? 

Overall like I said above, it's a nice little duo set and although I personally think it's a little too much for me, I still really enjoyed it. Maybe if I went on holiday and got a tan it would work a bit better?

If you fancy trying it out for yourself, you can check it out on the MUA website where it's selling for £5!
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