My Mini Birthday Lush Haul!


I don't think me and Lush ever got off on the right foot. When I would go shopping with my friends as a teenager I would cross the shopping mall because the smell from Lush would be too over powering. Now as an "adult", I actually walk closer because I love the smell. Funny how things change?

Although I'm a new convert to Lush, this isn't the first time that I've used a product from there. I remember my aunt brought me a soap bar style shampoo a few years ago and I absolutely hated it as it did nothing good to my hair. My newest and most favourite product is their No Drought dry shampoo (a review post I did a few years back)

Since it was my birthday last week, I thought I would treat myself to some goodies!

lush haul
lush haul

Since it's been a while since I brought my first No Drought bottle, I was running low so I topped up my supply with a new bottle. The first bottle has lasted me nearly two years which is amazing considering I use it nearly every other night!

Next on my goodies list was two bath bombs! I haven't had a bath for so long so now I'm back home I finally get the chance to abuse the bathroom! Since there was so many to choose from, I narrowed it down to the Frozen bath melt and the Rose Jam bubbleroon.  The Frozen bath bomb smells absolutely gorgeous and the Rose Jam was so sparkly and glittery that I just had to have it.

Since I'm new to Lush, what products would you guys recommend?
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