AA Skincare Review - Grapefruit & Cedarwood Natural Deodorant!*


When it comes to buying toiletries I have to admit that I'm a little cheap and will normally just pick up whatever is on offer or one I can get from Poundland. I think I've tried most of the deodorants out there and I don't feel like many of them are that amazing and they're definitely not worth paying over a pound for them. Does that sound cheap?

Well a few weeks ago, I was kindly offered the opportunity to test out one of AA Skincare's natural deodorants and of course I jumped at the chance! All of their deodorants are said to be made with naturally deodorising pure essential oils which help to balance the natural oils produced by the skin and attacks the bacteria that can cause horrible body odour. Doesn't sound too bad!

Now there are three fragrances to choose between and although the Bergamot & Aloe and Lemongrass & Lavender sounded nice, but I settled on the Grapefruit & Cedarwood scent instead and to say I was eager for it to arrive so I can start testing it out, is an understatement.

aa skincare deodorant
aa skincare deodorant
aa skincare deodorant

When doing my research on the brand, I realised that the Grapefruit & Cedarwood deodorant is actually recommended for men. Whoops! I was still looking forward to this scent though as in my opinion it's still a very unisex fresh and woody natural aroma. Girls can rock that too!

In all honesty the initial scent in the roll is slightly overpowering on the Grapefruit side. However after applying it and leaving it to dry the scent dramatically reduces, which is great for people like me who don't like strong scents.

I decided to test it during one of my gym sessions to properly test it out. I'm not like a hardcore gym go-er at the moment so I usually only last just over an hour and by the end I am normally drenched in sweat. Lovely! I was really surprised to see that I had stayed odour free with my armpits significantly dryer compared to previous times when I used a normal roll-on deodorant. I was super impressed and I don't leave the house without it being tucked away in my gym bag.

As you can tell I was really impressed with this deodorant and it's making me reconsider my regular deodorant choices. Maybe natural is the way forward! You can check out the whole range here and make your own mind up! 

*I was sent this to trial but my opinions are honest and my own.
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