AliExpress Kiss Proof Matte Lip Stick Review!


AliExpress is quickly becoming one of my favourite stores to shop on recently and what makes it even better is that everything is super cheap! My bank account really loves me right now. But who can really say no to cute floral headbands for 50p?!

One of my favourite categories to look through is the make-up. Now I know they're all fake and that the lovely chemicals in the products isn't normally worth the low price tag but sometimes you just can't help but add a few to your basket. It just happens!

The lipsticks that caught my eye recently are these gorgeous "kiss proof" soft lipstick crayons. They come in a whole range of different shades and they seem like a bargain for only 75p each! Who could say no?! These are not the first lip products that I've brought from AliExpress (and probably won't be the last!) and although I found them to be quite drying and uncomfortable on my lips, I still wanted to give them the kiss proof crayons a go and hopefully get a better experience.

kissproof lipstick
kissproof lipstick
kissproof lipstick
kissproof lipstick
kissproof lipstick
aliexpress lips

Since Summer will soon be ending, I thought I would be practical and buy slightly darker shades to match the beautiful colours of Autumn and so I picked out shades 012 and 003. 012 seemed like a purpley mauve shade and 003 a darker berry colour which I both thought would be perfect for what I wanted. There was also a few more that I liked but I thought I would settle for the two and then get more if I enjoyed them!

When they finally arrived and got to test them out, they were A LOT darker that what I expected. Thinking that 012 would be the lighter of the two actually ended up shocking me more as it was just so dark when I applied it to my lips. 003 was better and was exactly how I thought it would be.

The formula like the previous lip lacquers I tried from AliExpress are very similar in the sense that they're both quite matte and dry very quickly onto the lips. I found the crayons to be slightly more bearable but they were still a little uncomfortable when moving my lips.

Overall despite the horrible dryness of the crayons, I have to admit that I did feel quite sassy when testing them and I can't wait to be able to wear them out next. They're not bad for 75p and I wouldn't mind ordering a few more some time in the future. You can check them out for yourself here!
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