Hair | I lobbed!


Yes it was only yesterday that I posted that I wanted to cut my hair but in all honesty, I think I knew in myself that as soon as I pressed publish that I knew I wanted to go and do it! And so I did!

As soon as I got back from the gym, I set out hunting down my hairdressing kit. Scissors and comb at the ready I started hacking off at least 3-4 inches off my length. After the majority of my hair was gone I started on getting my cut straight (with a little bit of help from my mom for the back!).

I wanted a more messy and "not perfectly straight" lob so as you can see I made the ends quite choppy. After shampooing, I styled it with moose and sea salt spray to help create that messy and "I haven't been bothered to brush my hair" look.

Overall I'm really pleased and I'm so happy that I did it! What do you think?!

selfie lob
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