Home Colouring At It's Best? Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Colour!

05 September 2015


When it comes to hair colour, it's very rare that I keep one shade longer than a couple of weeks. I can never really make up my mind on what I like or what suits me! I have managed though for the past couple of years to stick with my Ombré style but I finally decided that once again, I need a change!

Since my tips were already blonde and I had already lightened my brunette slightly, I thought I would try all an over blonde or a slightly more blonde Ombré. Surely that won't be too hard to achieve?

Last time I was out shopping I managed to pop into Superdrug where amazingly like they read my mind, all of their hair colours where buy one get one free! How convenient! Since I've been dying to try the new Olia range from Garnier, I thought this would be the perfect chance!

Incase you've not heard about the Olia range, it's the first oil powered permanent home hair colour which contacts no ammonia. Garnier experts have discovered that oil can do much more than just condition your hair and when concentrated at the heart of the formula, the Oil Delivery System boosts the colouring process which means a maximun colour experience for us guys at home!

garnier olia
garnier olia
garnier olia
garnier olia
garnier olia

Like I said above I was hoping to go a little bit light but the picture on the right is actually the after picture. I did hope that it would lighten it a little bit more than it did but I honestly didn't notice a difference which was a little bit of a disappointment!

The one part that I completely loved about this hair dye was that it's made my hair feel amazing! The oil formula really does what it says on the box and even when I was washing the hair dye off, my hair felt smoother and softer. Normally it's an half hour struggle to de-knot my hair but this time the brush went through smoothly. Forget hair treatments - dye your hair with this stuff!

Although we didn't have a great experience lightening my hair, I am seriously so impressed with this formula and I can really understand why women are raving about this. £6.99 is probably on the more expensive side when it comes to hair colouring, but I really think this colour is well worth it! As soon as I'd finished drying my hair, I went on Superdrug.co.uk and ordered me a few more while they were still on offer! Gotta grab those bargains!


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