Insta Natural Superior Hydration Argan Oil Hair Mask Review!*


Feeling rough is a complete understatement this past weekend. Not only have I had a few things going on in my personal life but I also came down with a cold. Urgh! I know that a runny nose and irritating men are nothing compared to other people's problems but some days, the little problems just build up and really bring you down. This was me this weekend.

To cheer myself up I thought I would pour a nice hot bubble bath, light a few candles and even treat myself with my new Argan Oil hair mask from the lovely Insta Natural. I'm really starting to love this brand and I've reviewed multiple products from them by now so I knew my hair was in good hands when I slathered it all over my hair.

argan oil mask
argan oil mask
argan oil mask
argan oil mask

The instructions actually suggest applying to damp, towel dried hair but since I was in the bath and didn't want to have to mess about getting back in the shower again, I just shampooed my hair and then applied the mask. A few chapters of my book after (yes, I read quick) I washed the product off and went off to dry my hair.

Apart from the gorgeous coconut and almond scent that it left my hair with, I was really surprised with how much softer my hair felt. I've been trying so many different products recently to help revive my dead ends but only a small few have actually made a difference to my hair. This is definitely one of them. Even hours after washing my hair, I kept running my fingers through my ends because I couldn't believe how soft it was!

The price for me is probably a little steep but for £17.95 you do get a big 240ml tube and since I only needed a few scoops to cover my hair, I can see this size lasting me quite a long time. It's definitely going to be one of products that I'll go to when I need a bit of TLC. If you fancy treating yourself too with this hair mask, you can check it out here on Insta Natural's Amazon page.

*I was sent this to trial but my opinions are honest and my own.


  1. ohhh this must be real good then! I've using the one we got in our glossybox as well as Elvive by Loreal and I really like them. And I agree 18 quid is a bit steep but if it truly works, then it is worth it :D

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. I haven't had a chance to try that mask out yet but that is next on my list! And I think it's definitely worth the £18! xo

  2. I love everything with argan
    It's a nice ingredient

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