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I've been single just nearly four months now and although it's not as bad as I thought, I am a little lonely. Does that sound sad? I hope not. A friend of mine suggested signing myself up to a dating site a few weeks ago and my first thought was no! Obviously I wasn't looking into getting into another relationship so quick but my friend assured me that it was also a great place to find friends. So I went ahead and made myself an account.

I've been signed up for a few weeks now and although I've not found my Mr. Perfect yet (if he exists at all!), I have met a few hopeless romantics and since you guys seem to like reading personal experience posts, I thought I would make a short post of all the things I love/hate about online dating and even a few terrible experiences I've had!

online dating

1. Dick pics. Let's just get it out of the way for number one! I will also include pictures of your crotch or just your "six pack". It amazes me how quickly guys are willing to show you their body. Like is that the only way you can impress a girl. Definite turn off!

2. "I'm only in town for one night, do you fancy meeting up in my hotel room for some fun?" No. God no. Does that even work?!

3. The awkward moment when you see somebody you know on there. I've seen quite a few people from my old high school and even my best friend's ex. #Awkward

4. The awkward moment when you see your own ex on there. #DoubleAwkward

5. If you're going to upload pictures, make them of yourself! There are so many men who post pictures of meme's, quotes and even cars. Are you a transformer?

6. Only uploading group photos. Yeah, I can see that you have friends. But which one are you?!

7. The boring "hello" chat. Normally goes a long the lines of: "Hi" "how are you?" "good thanks, you?" "yeah, I'm good thanks" OMG!! Is there a way that we can just skip this please and get to the interesting stuff?!

8. Chat-up Lines. Do they honestly ever work? Fair enough if you say it like you're laughing at yourself but just not for real. They're too cringy!

9. Can I have your number? Why? Most dating sites have a messenger feature. You don't need my number! You only get my number if you're special!

10. Extreme sports. Like does everyone on Tinder surfboard, bungee jump, para-glide or mountain climb? It's make me feel really lazy and I don't like you for that.

11. Selfish Chatters. Stop talking about yourself all the time. Take an interest in me too!

12. Match but no chat. If we are a match then obviously you liked the look of me to swipe right, so why not talk to me? Rude!

13. Friend Zoning. There's been a few times now that I've liked someone more as a friend and they've really not took the hint that I don't want to flirt with them. Is that harsh?

14. Cheaters. You clearly have a girlfriend and you're on here flirting with other girls. Please stay away from me.

15. Meeting up. And then not actually liking the person. Like there's no connection between us and it's too awkward to say so you have to continue the date anyway. Err yeah, I have to go early!  

16. Want to meet up for sex? No. I'm really not that desperate. Just stop embarrassing yourself. 

17. Stalking me. TWO parts!
   a. Yeah, you can get my name and find my Instagram. But you don't have to go back all 
        the way through my photos and then like something from 3 years ago. It's slightly   
   b. Finding my blog. And then asking if I will write a blog post about you. Does this count?!

Needless to say, I'm still single.

If you are a member of an online dating site, what's your worst experience?
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