L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Review!


Over the three or four years of having Ombré style hair, all the bleach and dye has really took it's toll on my hair. Despite the numerous hair treatments and hair vitamins, there are really days when the ends are quite dry and frizzy and unmanageable which is hilarious as my roots are greasy. 

A few weeks ago I wrote a haul post from Superdrug showing off my latest attempt to curb my dull ends and a lot of you suggested the L'Oreal Elvive Oil! Since I do listen and trust you guys I went straight to my local Superdrug and picked up the oil for coloured treated hair.

elvive hair oil
elvive hair oil
elvive hair oil

I have tried a few oil/serum products over the past few years and I do have to admit that they are pretty good! I remember buying a cheap bargain serum from B&M years ago and I was in love with it. I think I even got a bit upset when it ran out!

The one thing that I really like this oil is that it's ultra-versatile which means you can use it a number of different ways; before shampooing for extra colour protection, before styling to protect your hair and of course after styling to add silky smoothness. I personally wouldn't use it before shampooing since I have oily hair and I want to get rid of the oil, not keep it!

Over my trial period of the oil, I mainly used it in mornings when my hair was a little frizzy from sleeping and I applied mainly to my ends as they were always the worst. The first couple of uses I think I applied slightly too much and my tips did look slightly wet and a bit greasy but after a few days I was starting to get to grips with just how my hair needed.

Overall, I have just completely fallen in love. It really does moisture and nourish my hair and it's a blessing to tame my horrible frizz without leaving behind that horrible sticky residue! It has become my go to product and I can't thank my followers enough for suggesting this to me! Thanks!

You can check it out here for yourself on the Superdrug website for £9.99.
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