MeMeMe Lip Glide in Playful Peach ♥


One of the main reasons I keep my Glossybox subscription is that although I moan that they don't always send me products I've heard of or the countless amount of face creams (seriously, how many can I person need?!), they do occasionally send me something amazing. 

For August's box, Glossbox were celebrating their fourth birthday and to honour this milestone, they included four full size products in their box and one of them was the MeMeMe lip glide pencil. 

As soon as I saw it I fell in love with the colour and before I knew it, I was pushing the other products still in the box out of the way so I could apply the lipstick to my lips. I just couldn't help myself!

mememe lip glide
mememe lip glide
mememe lip glide
mememe lip glide

As I've said in previous posts, I'm quite boring when it comes to lipsticks and I will normally opt for nude/neutral shades instead of something a little brighter. Playful Peach is exactly what you'd expect from the name and although it is slightly bright, I love the way it looks on my lips!

The formula in the pencil is really moisturising and slightly glossy and the tip smoothly applys to your lips making it easy not to draw out of line. I applied mid afternoon and by late afternoon it was still going strong on my lips without any nasty flaking or rubbing off.

I honestly can't fault this lip stick and I could quite happily order me a few other shades from the collection. 

If you were unlucky enough not to be signed up to Glossybox, you can check the pencil out here on the MeMeMe website where it's selling for £6.95!
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