Co-Operative Insurance presents Nostalgia Fm!


Learning to drive for me was a horrible experience. There was some days where I would make myself ill with worry when I knew I had a lesson booked and there was even a few times when I come home and cry because I was able to master a three point turn.

Although I was actually quite a good driver, I was scared of taking my practical test so I put off for about 6 months. Stupid looking back now really! But on the very early morning of 3rd November 2008, I passed my practical test! First time as well.

I remember that overwhelming rush of "OMG I DID IT!" and the first thing I wanted to do was go home and sort my insurance out so I could drive my baby KA that was all ready waiting for me at home.

Well Co-Operative have thought of a pretty cool way to help us all remember and look back on the times that we passed with their brilliant idea of Nostalgia FM. The idea is is that you enter your month and year of passing into their website, and it gives you the top 10 songs that was in the charts at that time. Brilliant!

nostalgia fm

As I passed in November 2008, my number ones for that month include Lady Gaga - Just Dance and it's hilarious as I can quite clearly remember driving around singing along to that all the time! Oh the memories!

nostalgia fm 

This is a fun little website and if you have passed your driving test, then tune into Nostalgia FM to get your own personal play list!
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