Emite Artist Colour Powder Blush in 108 Review!


When it comes to reviewing products from my Glossyboxes, I like to think I'm quite quick but when it came to the Emite Artist Blusher back from August, I have to admit I'm a little slow. I have been on a little bronzer hype over the summer so that's all I've been using but really I think the real reason is that the Emite blusher is over £20 and so I'm a little scared to use it!

I did however take the plunge and give it a go since it kept looking at me everytime I opened my make-up box!

emite blusher
emite blusher
emite blusher

At first I though the blush would be far too dark for my skin tone but I found that if I only applied a small amount and blended it to high heaven and back, it actually faded into a nice subtle contour. 

Another thing I was really impressed with was the lasting power. I applied my make-up around 10am and I took it off about 8pm and my make-up looked just as good as it did several hours before. I didn't apply any fixing spray or even any primer to start with and you would not believe how good it still looked. Can't moan at that!

As you can probably tell from this review and the one I did when I received the Glossybox, the price tag is just a little too steep for me. Call a cheap skate all you want! I did however really like the product and it gave plently   

If you really like the look of it, you can check it our here!

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