Face Up To Cancer | Colorectal Cancer Awareness


Cancer really is a horrible disease. I'd like to think I'm fortunate enough that no body in my family has ever had to experience cancer itself. That said, I do work in a doctor's surgery and at every available chance me and my colleagues always love a chance to fund raise and try to bring awareness to any and all diseases.

Well the team over at United European Gastroenterology have started a campaign over on Thunderclap to raise awareness of Colorectal Cancer. Over 200,000 people in Europe die each year of colorectal cancer (CRC) and incidence is expected to rise. With early detection resulting in a 90-95% survival rate, UEG have thought of three easy steps to help raise awareness of CRC and encourage others to take up screening. 

1.     Share a selfie on social media with a message explaining why you are supporting the     campaign. Make sure you include #FaceUp2CRC in your post and feel free to use the printable message attached. Information on CRC can be found through the following link: https://www.ueg.eu/faceup2crc/
3.     Encourage others to share their selfie too!


crc selfie

Excuse the mad work hair!
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