Insta Natural Retinol Skincare Products Review!*


I feel like over the past couple of months I've been bombarded with Insta Natural products for me to try and although I'm not complaining because they really are a great company who make great products - I do feel slightly overwhelmed!

The latest product to be sent my way was the Advanced Action Retinol Moisturiser and the Age-Defying 2.5% Retinol Serum. Both of these retail around the £20 mark which I have always said it slightly too much for me to pay but since I've always had good results from Insta Natural, maybe I should splash the cash every once in a while!

Anyway, on to the review!

instanatural moisturiser and serum
instanatural moisturiser and serum
instanatural moisturiser and serum
instanatural moisturiser and serum
instanatural moisturiser and serum

When I first opened the products I noticed that the moisturiser had leaked a little on it's travels over to me but after mopping it up, it was good as new. Other than that I was really excited to start testing them out. I don't think there was a specific time to use these products but I used them in my night-time skin routine just before I went to bed.

Since the moisturiser was already open, I thought I would give that a go first. At the time of trialling these, my skin was mega dry and was in desperate need for some TLC and I honestly think this moisturiser worked perfectly for this. I noticed after a few nights that my skin was feeling softer and those nasty dry patches were a thing of the past!

Moving onto the serum! I've never used a skincare product that came with a dropper applicator before - it takes me back to my old high school science classes! Although I was a little scared of using this as I thought it would make my already oily face even oiler, I did however grow to love it. The one thing that I really loved about this serum was the strong and zangy scent of orange. It felt really refreshing and cooling on my skin. If you're not keen on fruity smells then I don't think this would be the product for you. 

Unfortunately the results from the serum didn't come as quickly as the moisturiser. After a couple of days I noticed a few differences with the moisturiser but I didn't see anything change from the serum until a good couple of weeks after. All in all though my face now feels a lot firmer and brighter, especially under my eye area due to these products. Any traces of lines around my eyes have completely faded and I feel like I'm a teenager again!

Overall I'm quite pleased with these products and I'll definitly continue to use them over the upcoming Autumn/Winter months when the weather gets harsher!

 *I was sent this to trial but my opinions are honest and my own.



  1. ohhh lines gone? Need to try this, I have so many lines :O

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥