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I've seen a few other blogs similar to this recently about other blogger's writing about their blogging past and the reason why they carry on and I have to admit that it has made me stop and think to myself, "Why do I blog?" and "What's the reason I KEEP blogging?". Every blogger that I read had different reasons and points to make and although I agreed with many, I thought I would write my own personal post as to why I blog.


I remember starting this blog on a Thursday afternoon back in June 2013. It was a few hours after I finished work and I was back in front of my computer reading other blogs. I'd been reading other blogger's websites for a few months before this and I remember thinking that I really wanted to join in as I had much that I wanted to write and talk about. So I finally decided to take that plunge and set myself up my own website through Blogger.

Originally I was going to call my blog "Natalie Ann Blogs" but I thought it sounded really boring and after much doodling down potentials names and nicknames, I eventually thought of Petal Poppet Blogs. The idea came from my dad as Petal and Poppet are two nicknames he used to give me when I was a little girl and I guess they both stuck with me! So it's very personal but no-one knows unless they know that fact!


At first blogging was a lot harder than what I thought it would be. Who knew it would be so frustrating to take the perfect picture of a lipstick or to find of a catchy title for a post! And let's not even mention the getting to grips with Photoshop!

Although I did really enjoy blogging, there was quite a few times when I wanted to give it all up as I thought I would never get any followers or "fame" with my blog. But like I said, that even if people didn't read it, I found that I really enjoyed blogging and that it was turning into more of a hobby.

Obviously this was two years ago and over the time I have built up a small follower group and even a few friendships with other bloggers. This was something that I had hoped for but never really expected!

Looking back on my older posts it's funny to see how much my writing and photography skills have improved and in a way it gives me a boost to carry on so I can look back again in another two years time and see where I am today. It's little things like that that make me continue!


To conclude my little walk down memory lane, I blog for me. Although I love my followers and the friends I've made, I carry on blogging because of the way it makes me feel.

As well as I love the way it makes me feel when I see my views go up or when I read all your lovely comments on my posts, I also love how more confident it's made me. I originally was going to keep this blog quite anonymous but over the weeks and months, I started to get more friendly and open about myself. And that's down to blogging!

I honestly can't see myself stopping PPB any time soon as it really does bring too much happiness. Hopefully all you guys can help me carry on my little blogging journey! 

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