MrLista Wish List App!


I will openly admit that I have a terrible shopping addiction. If I'm not out shopping in actual stores, I'm probably doing it on my phone or my computer. I just can't help myself! And don't even ask what I'm like when the end of season sales are on!

Well over on they seemed to have people like me in their mind when they created a website that lets you make multiple wish lists for all the goodies you want to buy. The website is free to use and setting up your account is super easy. All you need to do after creating your account is add the button to your tool bar so when you're on your favourite shopping website, you can easily add the products to your wish list!

The best part of all of this is if you create your wish list from today, you can enter your wish list into a competition to win everything in your wish list (up to the value of £1,000) How can you not get involved?!


Total cost of my wish list: £803.53
Shop my wish list here!

As you can see from my picks, most of them are just Autumn Essentials including the Michael Kors bag - I mean, come on! I did include a few cat products to add to my "Crazy Cat Lady" collection, obviously. 

Like I said above, it's so easy to just keep adding things to your wish-list so I can see me creating quite a few more, especially over the Christmas period. I could create a wish list for each family member and then add what I need to buy them into the wish list! Perfect!

If you fancy taking part in the competition yourself, follow this link to create your own wish list!
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