Paint The Town Red: Vaseline Limited Edition Review!


I always feel a little reminiscent when it comes to Vaseline as I can always remember it being one of the first lip balms that I ever brought when I was a teenager. You always thought you was so cool when you pulled out that bad boy, especially when all your friends would ask to borrow some. A little unhygienic when you think about it but hey! I survived.

Over the years Vaseline have released different versions of their miracle pots and I think like many other girls out there, I've ran to the shops to get my hands on one. Unforunately the last time I did this with the Limited Edition Pink Bubbly version and I absolutely hated it! The scent actually made me feel slightly nauseous so I was a little put off buying anymore.

vaseline paint the town
vaseline paint the town
vaseline paint the town
vaseline paint the town
vaseline paint the town
Excuse my flare up of bad skin, back to those horrible teenage years! 

I think once you've tried one pot of Vaseline, you've pretty much tried them all. I mean is the only thing they change the scent and packaging? Or am I just really uneducated?

Since it's advertised as a red lip tint, I was honestly expecting this to be slightly more tinted but it's actually quite a nice pinky red shade which can be nicely built up if you want with more applications.

The best part about this pot honestly has to be the smell. It takes me back to my high school days when everyone was obsessed with those bags of kali (sherbet powder for you posh people!). It's like applying candy onto your lips!

Overall I think I'm quite impressed with this Limited Edition pot and it's now become a bit of a staple in my handbag, I cannot leave the house without it! I can see it will definitely get a lot of use in these upcoming colder months!

If after reading this and think that this post cannot get any better, then think again! Probably the best part about my Vaseline pot was the price - one pound! I recently picked it up from The Online Pound Store and you can check it out here along with many other branded beauty products!

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