Schwarzkopf Rockin' It Dry Shampoo Review


Dry shampoo has been my saviour for so many years - I honestly don't know how I could live without it. Since first discovering the blessing that is dry shampoo, I'd like to think that I've tried most of the high street versions out there.

One version that I haven't tried before was from the Schwarzkopf got2be range. I've heard lots of other bloggers really loving it but everytime I wanted to try it, I got put off and played it safe with my favourite Batiste.

A couple of weeks ago I came across The Online Pound Store and amazingly enough, I saw the Rockin' it Dry Shampoo for of course just one pound, for a full size can! Bargain!

dry shampoo
dry shampoo
dry shampoo

Although the whole point of dry shampoo is to obviously clean your hair and hide the fact that you haven't washed your hair, the most important aspect of buying a dry shampoo for me is the smell. I cannot stand some brands where the fragrance smells too sweet and sickly and I have to sit there all day at work smelling it. Urgh! There is honestly nothing worse! The fragrance for Rockin' It is actually really pleasant and although it's quite floral, it's not overpowering and in your face. Definite plus!

The dry shampoo side of it and whether it actually sorted my greasy hair out worked out quite good as well! As well as covering my roots when they were greasy, I normally gave my hair a quick spray in morning just to give a slight root boost and I was really surprised to see how well it had worked. Even after a few hours my fringe still stayed "dry". Can't really ask for more!

Obviously for a pound I'm hardly going to moan but I think after using the can for a few weeks I think I'll be sticking to me favourite Batiste. I would still recommend this if you've not tried it before as it is an amazing dry shampoo!
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