The Online Pound Store: Lots Of £1 Goodies!


If you like to follow me then you probably already know that I love a good bargain. I just can't help myself when it comes to saving money! What's the point in paying for something full price when if you do a little digging, you could get it for half the price! It's a no-brainer for me!

Well a couple of weeks ago I discovered The Online Pound Store and of course, me being a bargain hunter, I went straight to their Health and Beauty department and before I knew it I had nearly £20 worth of goodies.

Obviously there was a few naff things on there but they did have a few decent branded products so I really did manage to grab some bargains. Some where even full size bottles and not dinky travel ones but still for a pound each, it's still a save!

I will try and do a review posts for a few of the products but I thought I would share my newly discussed bargain haven with you all!

online pound store
online pound store

You can check out everything that I brought out here on their website. 
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