Zoella Fresh Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer Review!


It feels like I've been going through a bath bomb phase lately as it feels like every other week I'm posting about a new one. I guess that's what happens when you don't have a bath in your house for over 8 months - you go a little overboard when you get one back!

Well I've moved on from Lush (not for long!) and purchased the fragranced bath fizzer from the new Zoella Tutti Fruiti range. I have already picked up the fragrance mist a few weeks before and since I enjoyed the fragrance, I thought I would pick up a few more products in the range.

zoella fizz bar
zoella fizz bar
zoella fizz bar
zoella fizz bar
zoella bomb

The fizzer is broken up into little chunks similar to a chocolate bar - maybe that's why it have several "Do Not Eat" reminders on the packaging. I mean I know it smells nice, but I wouldn't eat. But thanks for the reminder!

Like I said above I did already have the fragrance mist from the Tutti Fruiti range and this bath fizzer smells follows suit and smells exactly the same. As I only used the once chunk of the bar I don't think it had enough power to really re-fresh and re-energise like the packet suggests.

I know I'm probably comparing them slightly to my previous Lush bath bombs and unforunately Zoella's bath fizzers just don't even come close. Yeah they smell nice and the packaging of them are pretty cute and adorable, but I think I'll go back to Lush if I ever wanted another bath bomb!

Zoella's whole range is currently on offer at Superdrug so go grab a bargain!

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