Essence The Gel Nail Polish in Prince Charming Review!


As I've said in previous posts before, I don't go very well with nail polishes. Due to my work and being on the computer for the majority of my day, chipping is a big problem for me. Because of this though I hardly tend to apply polish and if I do it's normally a bog stand nail varnish or my current favourite is my Maybelline nude polish.

A few months back though in my June Glossybox, I was sent a gorgeous aqua shade polish from one of my new favourite brands, Essence. Admittedly I did forget about it (hence the late review) but I thought I would treat my nails the weekend and apply a bit of colour to them.

nail polish
nail polish
nail polish
gel nails

As you can see from my attempt of photography above, Prince Charming is a gorgeous aqua turquoise colour with a slight bit of shimmer. I also found that the gel formula was quite nice and thick which made application so much easier. Not like those really thin nail polishes where about 5 layers are needed.

Overall I really love this colour and if we wasn't going into the gorgeous red ands and browns for Autumn/Winter, I would have this on my nails right now. Maybe in the summer!

You can check Prince Charming out here on their website or at your local Wilkos for only £1.71! Bargain!

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