Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Colour Take 2!

25 November 2015


If you're a follower of my blog or even my Instagram profile, you'll have noticed that I like to change my hair. A lot. A few weeks ago now I lobbed my hair and although I absolutely loved the cut, I wasn't so keen on the colour.  

Over the Summer I did admit to transition from brunette to blonde and although it was quite successful, I wanted to back to my brunette side for the Autumn/Winter months. Yes, what a waste of time!

In my quest to be blonde though, it did give me a chance to try our Garnier's new Olia hair colour and I have to admit that it's probably one of the best that I've ever used! Instead of the usual "creamy" formula you see from other brands, Olia has invented a new formula that uses 60% oil includiong natural flower oils. Not only does this offer the same great coverage as previous colours but I also found that it's definitely less damaging to your hair condition.

garnier olia
garnier olia
garnier olia
garnier olia beforegarnier olia after

As I said above, the formula is majority oil based and as soon as you have applied to your hair you can feel it working it's magic. It's like a hair treatment and a home colouring kit all in one!

Ignore my terrible bed head in picture one but it was the best picture to show my "before" hair colour! As I am a terrible Ombré lover I did try and keep a bit of my blonde tips and although I don't have the length anymore, I still think it looks amazing!

I have used this hair colour before when I was in my blonde phase so you can read that post here! If you're interested in giving this collection a go yourself, you can check it out here on Superdrug where it's currently on offer!



  1. Oooh I can definitely see the difference and it's clever that you've kept your ombre but I will definitely say I prefer the darker version. It suits you dark! I've tried Olia before and really loved it.
    Pretty Mad Things ..x o

    1. Thank you :) I definitely suit darker hair shades! xo

  2. love the result! It suits you so much better if I may say so :p the ombre part is a nice touch ;) i wish i had the courage to chop it all off like you did haha

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. Thank you :) I think you just have to be brave sometimes and go for it! xo


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