My Recent AliExpress Goodies: Part 3!


Yes, I know! Another AliExpress post. I honestly cannot help myself whenever I go on the website and normally within 10 minutes I've already added about 20 items to my wish list. Everything is just so cheap!

Of course I thought I would continue my little AliExpress haul posts with a third instalment! You can also catch up on my first and second post here!


I brought another Marc Jacobs watch last year and although I really loved it - the battery had stopped working and the cream wrist strap had started to look a bit dirty. So I thought I'd treat myself to a new one! Of course I didn't listen to myself and once again ordered a cream wrist strap watch. Look at how gorgeous it is though?!

tsum tsum

I'm not going to go crazy and order about 20 of these but the Marie toy just looked too adorable not to order! It even has a little chain on the back so you can clip it to your bag or use as a key ring.

crystal necklace

Crystal Drop Necklace | £1.00
These crystal necklaces seemed to be quite popular with bloggers at the moment so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and get myself one. You can pick it in different stones but I thought I'd still to plain crystal! Asif crystal could be plain!

cat pen

Another bit of merch to add to my Crazy Cat Lady collection. It has now been added to the rest of the goodies in my handbag just encase of emergencies! Like to write my number down for someone who finds my Crazy Cat Lady attractive. You never know!


Glitter Cat iPhone Case | £2.36
Yup, another piece of kit for my Crazy Cat Lady collection, this gorgeous glitter silicone iPhone case. How cute is it though?! It's just perfect!


Strawberry Cat Bed |  £5.87
Over five pound completely wasted as my cat despises this cat bed. Every attempt to make her get in it has ended badly so it's currently stuck behind the sofa for now. Shame as it's absolutely adorable!


I really wanted some headphones to use so when I'm blogging away, I can still listen to my music without getting tangled up with wires. Unfortunately this hasn't happened as for some reason I can't connect it through blue tooth on my computer. I can however use this from my iPhone and my Playstation so at least it hasn't completely gone to waste!

aliexpress haul

Another iPhone case! It's been a while since I changed the case so I felt like I needed a few more. I have to admit that I've used the cat one a lot more than this one but it's still super adorable and I know it will definitely get some use time eventually!

aliexpress haul

I LOVE this necklace! I wasn't too sure on what to expect when I ordered as I know jewellery can be very cheaply made ect but this is a gorgeous little necklace! I just wanted small necklace to throw on with my jumpers and comfy dresses so I look like I've made an effort (bad I know) and this necklace really is perfect for this. I cannot wait to wear it out!
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