Nicola Bourne: The Fabulous Woman's Guide Through Cancer Review!*


For the first time in over two years I'm actually writing a book review on my blog! I absolutely love reading and to me, there's nothing better than lying in a hot bubble bath with candles and maybe even a sneaky glass of wine while catching up on your favourite book. Perfection right there!

Well for my first ever book review, I thought it would need to be a bit special and since I was kindly sent it from the author, I knew it had to be The Fabulous Woman's Guide Through Cancer.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm really passionate about fund raising and bringing awareness to any and all diseases at every possible chance so of course when I saw this book, I knew I wanted it and knew that it would be perfect for someone going through Cancer.

nicola bourne book
nicola bourne book
nicola bourne book

The author herself has been through Colorectal Cancer and since being given the "all clear" in 2014, she now wants to help and advise other women who might be going through the same situation.

Although the book is specifically written for women with cancer, I also found that it was a perfect book for women going through a difficult time in general. Nicola writes about ways to pamper and look out for yourself and even ways to help take your mind off your problems and who really would turn advice like that down? 

As I said above Nicola talks slightly less about her own personal journey and focuses more on creating an uplifting and inspiring guidebook to make cancer a less negative experience. It gives great little reminders that you may be ill, but that it shouldn't stop you from having fun and living your life whilst you’re undergoing treatment.

My favourite part of the whole book is the beautiful quote right at the end:
Just like everything else you have had to endure, you will get through it.

And be even more fabulous at the end!

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*I was sent this to trial but my opinions are honest and my own.