The Online Pound Store: Take Two!


A few weeks ago I posted about my new favourite bargain website - The Online Pound Store. As you can imagine from the name, all their products are £1 but they do also offer a few more expensive electrical and home goods but still for a discounted price!

The exact same as last time though, I went a little bit mad with the toiletries and beauty products but since they're all one pound - it's pretty hard not to! As well as picking up a few bits for myself, I also managed to find a few things for my mom as well so not everything is pictured!

I did also "treat" myself to the Clearasil Perfectawash dispenser which was £4.99 for the introduction set which also includes two face washes. Bargain!

I will write a few blog posts up about a few of the products but I just wanted to show everything that I brought in one post!

the online pound store
the online pound store
the online pound store
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