W7 Wild Lash Lengthening Mascara Review!


The main idea behind creating this blog was that I would try and show off the cheaper and easily accessible (high street) make-up brands and that they could quite easily stand up to the more expensive designer brands and so far I think it's been very sucessful. Spending more money on cosmetics doesn't mean that the product will be any better.

I'm always on the look out for bargain havens and on one of my recent binges I found my perfect website - The Online Pound Store. As well as filling my basket with toiletries and a few car air fresheners, there was also quite a few make-up items that caught my eye. One of them was the W7 Wild Lash mascara.

w05 wild lash
w05 wild lash
w7 mascara

I have used W7 before with their BIG lash mascara and although I didn't pay very much for it, I was in love with it! For £1.50 a tube, I found my favourite mascara of 2013 and I was actually a little gutted when it ran out. The review is here if you want to check it out!

Having such good results with the BIG Lash mascara, I was expecting the same with the Wild Lash version. Unforunately I didn't think it lived up to my expectations and I didn't really notice anything too "wild" about my lashes after using. Yes they did volumise my lashes a little but I noticed that after a few hours I saw that they had deflated slightly.

Although I wouldn't say this is the best mascara in the world, I'm not going to slate it too much as it did only cost me one pound so I can't really moan! I will definitely try and get some use out of it for work and maybe the gym. Waste not want not!
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