What I Got For Christmas 2015: Lush!


I have to admit that a few months ago I really wasn't that keen on Lush. I always used to walk past and think that the smell was so overpowering and that there was no way I wanted to buy anything so my house would smell the same. How wrong I was.

After reading a few reviews, I finally took the plunge and brought my first bath bomb and now I'm completely hooked! Since my mom knows me so well, she brought me a few little gifts from there for Christmas so I thought I would share them with you!

lush christmas haul
lush christmas haul

As well a yummy bottle of Snow Fairy shower gel, she managed to pick up three Christmas bath bomb/bar; Golden Wonder, Father Christmas and the gorgeously cute Magic Wand!

Instead of talking too much about them in this post, I will be writing separate blog posts about each product giving my review so keep your eyes open for that!

Reversyl Advanced Hair Shampoo & Hair Growth Treatment Review*


One of the words that I would happily call myself is indecisive. I know I am, it's a flaw I have. I have been known to take about half an hour to decide what colour dress to buy, and then leave without buying it. I just can't help it!

Another thing that I'm quite indecisive about is my hair. As soon as I lobbed it all off, although I did love it, there was a small part of me that died a little inside. All that hair and possibilities of undoes ect was just gone! Like I said, very indecisive!

Because I was quite eager for my long hair to come back, I started using the Reversyl Follicle and Fibre shampoo and the Hair Growth spray treatment every day in an attempt to speed up my hair growing process. If you’ve not heard of Reversyl, they’re a British company who are dedicated to developing products to help those experiencing hair loss.

Obviously I’m not experiencing hair loss, but the shampoo and hair treatment duo are also brilliant for thinning hair and the formula helps condition and thicken the follicles in your hair - which helps to promote hair growth! That is my reasoning.

Reversyl hair growth treatment
Reversyl hair growth treatment
Reversyl hair growth treatment
Reversyl hair growth treatment
before and after

I’ve been using both products for nearly a month now and although I stupidly didn’t take a proper before picture to compare, I can honest say that I’ve noticed such a difference to my hair. Not only does my hair seem to have grown a few extra inches but it’s noticeably thicker and shinier. A lot more than another shampoo, serum or oil I've tried in the past. 

The shampoo is probably my fave out of the two as the smell was absolutely gorgeous! If I'm honest it did slightly remind me of men's aftershave or Lynx but I actually liked that - is that weird? The treatment spray had a very particular smell and from my nose I got the whiff of fish. Not very nice.

I was a bad beauty blogger and didn't take a proper before and after picture but to sort of give you a small idea on the change, the above before picture is a selfie that I took at the end of October with my hair being straightened and the after picture was a few weeks ago with it unstraightened. And it's around the same length, if not longer and definitely a lot thicker! So I'd say that's quite impressive!

Overall I really enjoyed using these products and I would happily fork out that bit extra to buy them both again. If you're like me and would prefer a nice thickening specialised product, then this is the brand for you! If you fancy giving it a go then you can check out the shampoo and treatment spray combo here for £34.99!

*I was sent this product to trial but my opinions are honest and my own.

What I Got For Christmas 2015!


Merry belated Christmas! 

Although a couple of weeks ago I would have said I was really not looking forward to Christmas and would be happy when it's finally over, I have to admit that when Christmas Day actually came around, I ended up enjoying it quite a bit!

I spent my Christmas Eve at work until 1pm when I left to go have dinner with the whole of my family on my dad's side and then going straight out with all my family on my mom's side which was pretty amazing and hectic! Christmas Day itself was also spent in the same kind of manner, just including a few glasses of prosecco!

I didn't really take many pictures as for once I just want to actually experience the day and not be stuck behind my phone screen. I managed to catch up with my family especially all of my younger cousins that I don't see very often and spent a majority of my Christmas holiday laughing!

Present wise I think I did quite well and there's no many different sets and products that I'm dying to talk to you guys about! I know a lot of other bloggers will be writing similar posts so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon myself and "show off" what I got for Christmas! I will be doing a few other posts/reviews of some of my presents but they will be coming in the next few weeks!

merry christmas 2015
merry christmas 2015

Life | A Look Back In 2015 & New Years Resolutions for 2016!


I'm not going to beat around the bush about this but the majority of my 2015 sucked. Simple. Not only did I have a lot of stress with my work but I also broke up with my boyfriend which resulted in me moving back home. It's been a nightmare!

I did however try and be positive about it all and turned the whole thing into quite an educating experience and I've also learned things about myself that I never knew before. So swings and roundabouts? I did also manage to get a new perfect job and that has made all the difference with my happiness!

But enough about 2015 and let's look to the future with 2016! Every year I make resolutions on this blog and I rarely keep them. Doesn't everyone though?! I did however only set myself the one resolution last year: to better myself. And I think that even though it took sometime and through a very shitt year, I'd like to think that I really have. So yay me!

I did however want to challenge myself a little bit more in 2016 with more resolutions and maybe even get to scratch off a few of my 30 before 30 targets! So here's to 2016!

1. Go on an adventure!


Not sure exactly what my "adventure" will be but I definitely want to do something exciting this year! Whether that's something relaxing like a spa weekend or even a trip to the beach or something a little bit crazy and "out there" like skydiving. I just want to look back and think "yeah, this year has been epic!".

2. Save some money! 

save money

Having a very low amount of money in my bank is quite common for me in 2015 so I'd love to be able to learn the art of saving! I did get a new job at the end of the year which pays a considerable amount more so I would like to think that this would make saving a lot easier!

3. Gym


Every year I always say I'm going to go to the gym more and although that works out for the first couple of months, it tends to fade off when I get bored. I did however recently lose one stone and well on my way to another to I'm hoping that that will motivate me enough to keep the gym up!

4. Be More Organised!

This year I definitely want to try and be more organised! I don't normally have a problem with time management or anything, but I find that if I have any appointments or anything with a deadline, I don't have anywhere to write it down and normally write it down on a scrap of paper. Not good!

5. Take Time Out For Myself
me time
The main resolution and area I want to concentrate on in 2016, is getting a bit of ME time. I said I was going to do it back in 2014 and although I felt like I did, I failed to do the same in 2015. Blame it on my relationship or just that I didn't try enough but 2015 was a bit of a bad year for me and I want to work on me not getting to that dark and horrible stage in my life again. I want 2016 to be a clean fresh start for me!

What are you resolutions for 2016? 

Tickled Pink Fancy Dress Kigurumi Purple Unicorn Costume*


Now that Christmas is over and done with, we now have a nice couple of days off before we start it all over again for New Years. It really is a busy couple of weeks!

The past couple of New Years have been quite quiet for me; being sick last year and just visiting family the year before, means that I haven't really had a chance to "party" and have a drink. This year is different though! I've been invited to a fancy dress house party and I have to admit that I've never been to one before. 

Luckily for me the lovely people over at Tickled Pink Fancy Dress heard my plea for something to wear and offered to send me an outfit to try! They have tonnes of different outfits and different themes to pick from and it took me forever to decide but in the end I settled on the Purple Kigurumi Unicorn costume!

unicorn onesie TP fancy dress
unicorn onesie TP fancy dress
unicorn onesie TP fancy dress
unicorn onesie TP fancy dress
unicorn onesie TP fancy dress
unicorn onesie TP fancy dress
unicorn onesie TP fancy dress
unicorn onesie TP fancy dress
unicorn onesie TP fancy dress 

As you can see from the pictures above, I'm very happy with my decision to go with this onesie. I know going to a fancy dress party in a onesie is a bit "different" but my thought process for ordering this is that not only can I say that I'm in fancy dress because I'm a UNICORN but I'll also be warm and comfy. Another bonus is I don't have to change into PJs when I roll home drunk. Practical as well as cute!

If you're attending a fancy dress party this year and you're stuck for ideas on what to be, why not go as a unicorn?! If that's not for you then check out Tickled Pink and they will definitely have your back with their huge choice of costumes! I might even make another order for myself to get the pink unicorn onesie! Start a unicorn onesie collection!

unicorn onesie TP fancy dress

I even brought cute little matching socks from New Look just to complete the look!

*This post is part of a collaboration but my opinions are honest and my own.

Christmas DIY Ideas 2015!


I like to think I'm quite good at DIY but when it comes to arts and crafts, I'm not so good. Give me a screwdriver and an Ikea bookcase and I'll have that up in 5 minutes flat. Anything a little more creative and I just really struggle.  

I do however look scrolling through pages and pages of DIY projects and one of my favourite places to go is Pinterest! I did a post like this last year so I thought I would try and keep up the "tradition" and show you my favourite ones for this year!

Enjoy :)

pinterest diypinterest diy

Mug | Tree

pinterest diypinterest diy

Jar | Snow Globe

pinterest diypinterest diy

The Perfect Alcoholic Diet Drink? LBD Flavoured Vodka! ♥


If you're following me on Instagram then you'll probably already know that I've recently signed up to Slimming World. It wasn't my choice, I was dragged along by my friend! But I found that after a few days I was really getting into it and found myself actually enjoying it. You honestly wouldn't believe how much you can eat! It's great!

The hardest thing for me to give up/reduce was my alcohol intake. I won't deny that I do enjoy a nice glass of cold wine at the end of the week. It just tastes so good! But after sharing this problem with our group leader, he suggested trying a flavoured vodka drink called LBD as they're quite forgiving with their syn total so on my next trip to Asda, I went on the search for them.

For all you that don't know LBD is an amazing tasting drink which is quick to make, light and very refreshing! It's a vodka-based spirit which comes in three unique flavours. And the best thing is it's perfect for those on diets! You can buy it ready-mixed in cans or straight in 50cl bottles where you can mix it yourself with lemonade.

lbd vodka
lbd vodka

As I said above, LBD offers three different flavours; Peach & Raspberry, Lime & Watermelon and Apple and Cranberry. As all of them sounded quite yummy, I brought all 3 so I could try them all. My firm favourite is definitely Peach Raspberry!

As I said above, they were suggested by our Slimming World leader as they're quite good for dieters. Each can is around the 98 calories mark and for anyone who is on Slimming World it's half the amount of syns compared to a "normal" bottle of vodka.  So what are you waiting for?!

If you're on the look out for cocktails for your Christmas/New Years Eve parties then these would be perfect. For a 50cl bottle it's £8 but it's normally on offer for £5 so keep your eye out! If you're interested in the ready-mixed cans, they're currently on sale for 4 for £5! Go and stock up!

Tag Tuesday | The Christmas Tag Take 2!

I love tags so of course I had to do another one for Christmas, even though I only did one last week! Whoops! I pinched this one from over on Lose The Road so thanks Renee :) As always, please feel free to take the tag for yourself over on your own blogs. Share the tag love!
christmas tag

1) Favourite winter nail polish
I love wearing darker colours in the Winter so right now I’m actually wearing dark graphite grey from Poundland and I have to admit that it’s pretty amazing. If I’m not wearing that, it will more than likely be a dark burgundy – I love that colour!

2) Favourite winter lip product?
Lip balm! Doesn’t matter what brand or scent as long as it’s very moisturising and leaves my lips feeling smooth.

3) Most worn winter clothing piece?
My new coat that I brought from Primark. It’s a suede mac and I have to admit that it’s pretty thin, but it’s too gorgeous not to wear!

4) Most favorite winter accessory?
Probably my gorgeous tartan scarf but I seem to have lost it. Sad face!

5) Favourite winter scent/candle?
My parent’s brought me a Yankee Candle advent calendar so right now my room stinks of cinnamon and Christmas trees!

6) Favourite winter beverage?
I don’t really have a winter drink so I’d say just everything that I drink the over months of the year.

7) All time favourite Christmas/holiday movie?
Always has to be Miracle on 34th Street. Classic movie!

8) Favourite Christmas/holiday song?

9) Favourite holiday food/treat?
Is it bad to say wine and a box of Roses?

10) What is your favourite Christmas decoration this year?
Probably our Christmas tree. We gave my old family traditional tree a bit of a makeover and I think it looks fab!

11) What’s at the top of your wish list?
I have made a wish list but I’m not really eager to get something more than the other. I do really want some nice slippers though. That’s a must!

12) What are your plans for the holidays next year?
I haven’t got anything planned at the moment but I hope I do manage to get away for a bit!

Perfect Winter Nails: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Varnish in Rupee Red Review!


As most other beauty bloggers will agree, it's quite normal to switch up our make-up products to match the season. For Autumn/Winter that normally means putting away our much loved bright pink glossy lipsticks and BB creams and bringing out our plum lipsticks and black eyeliner out instead.

A personal favourite of mine is dark red nails. All year round I pretty much have it on my toe nails but when the weather starts to get a bit colder, I start wearing it on my nails as well! Well a couple of weeks ago I managed to get my hands on a bottle of the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polish in the gorgeous shade of Rupee Red from their Dark Romance collection. Lushhhh! 


Ignore my terrible paint job, my hands are not that steady! Other than that, it really is a gorgeous colour! (insert heart eye emoji) 

The downside of this nail varnish is that it didn't last very long at all before it started to show signs of chipping. Even within the first few hours my thumb nails were chipped - damn texting! It did however manage a few days without needing to be completely redone so I guess that's sort of a win?

Overall I think it's a gorgeous shade and I would definitely recommend you trying it out if you're looking for a dark red colour for Winter. You can check it out here on eBay.

Paperchase "Make It Happen Today" 2016 Organiser!


One of my New Year resolutions was to try and be more organised so in my attempt to keep this resolution, I headed to probably one of the best stationary stores around nowadays, Paperchase!

It actually took me ages to hunt down exactly what I was looking for and in the end I decided on this gorgeous floral organiser from Paperchase but when I actually got into the store, I found one that wasn't on their website! I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it so I just had to buy it!

I was also slightly tempted to buy this cat diary but I thought I would try and step back from my whole Crazy Cat Lady obsession!

paperchase organiser 2016
paperchase organiser 2016
paperchase organiser 2016
paperchase organiser 2016
paperchase organiser 2016
paperchase organiser 2016
paperchase organiser 2016

As you can see, I did purchase some extra pages from eBay for in the back. They are slightly too big for my dividers but the patterns were so cute that I just couldn't resist!

There are also handy little pockets and slots for my notes and business cards and even a holder for my pen. They have also included little stickers so I can personalise what I want to store in my dividers and write on my extra paper. Good idea!

Overall I'm super excited to start using this and I think for £16.99, it's a great organiser! You can check out the rest of Paperchase's range here. Bring on 2016!

Glossy Box Rose Gold Edition December 2015 ♥


Lately I've been a bit of a bad beauty blogger and have completely forgotten when my Glossyboxes have been due. This month though has been different and I have been counting down the days. Why? Because since sending out the November boxes, Glossybox have been teasing and hinting about their special end of year 2015 Glossybox. Not only is the box is a gorgeous rose gold shade which I'm sure that alone will make all the beauty bloggers out there desperate to get their hands on one, but they've also added an extra product! Woo!

I would also like to take this time to apologise for the terrible pictures, I couldn't manage to get any good ones with my bedroom light on. Blame the miserable weather and me now working full time! Oh well!

glossybox rose gold edition
glossybox rose gold edition
glossybox rose gold edition
glossybox rose gold edition

Inside this month's box:

Etre Belle Golden Skin Caviar Eye Roll On | £30.66
£30.66 for a eye roll on for me is a little pricey and I would expect it to be pretty amazing. I will try and hold off any judgement before actually trying it and giving it a fair chance!

So Susan Statement Skin Highlighter Pencil | £15
Me and So Susan haven't always had the best of relationships but this pencil does look pretty amazing. I'm definitely very excited to start using this highlighter pencil and I can guess that it'll probably get a lot of use over the Christmas period.

Collection Long Lasting Nail Effects | £2.99
Got to love a bit of Collection! The original budget beauty brand has done it again with this gorgeous glitter nail varnish! I'm very happy about this and it was the first product I tested out on myself after opening.

Hylamide Pore Delete | £18
I am very excited to try this! It's described as an instant fixer to those nasty pores so I will definitely enjoy testing this to see if it's actually as good as they say! Who doesn't want a perfectly smooth face?

Essence Liquid Lipstick in Show Off | £2.50
You really would be showing off with this lipstick because it looks NEON. It's probably too bright for me but I'm sure there's some special occasion when I could use this for.

Starskin Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Mask | £8.50 
I was sent the calming bio-cellulose face mask out of the available 4 and I have to admit that I didn't really have much of a preference. As long as it made my face look amazing after all the partying and drinking from over the Christmas period, it was okay in my book! 
glossybox rose gold edition

This sneak peek makes me very excited for next year!