Christmas DIY Ideas 2015!


I like to think I'm quite good at DIY but when it comes to arts and crafts, I'm not so good. Give me a screwdriver and an Ikea bookcase and I'll have that up in 5 minutes flat. Anything a little more creative and I just really struggle.  

I do however look scrolling through pages and pages of DIY projects and one of my favourite places to go is Pinterest! I did a post like this last year so I thought I would try and keep up the "tradition" and show you my favourite ones for this year!

Enjoy :)

pinterest diypinterest diy

Mug | Tree

pinterest diypinterest diy

Jar | Snow Globe

pinterest diypinterest diy


  1. What cute ideas! Merry Christmas :)

    Renee | Lose the Road

  2. These are such cute ideas, especially the snow globe one! Have a lovely Christmas :) xx
    Chasing Belle 23