Glossy Box Rose Gold Edition December 2015 ♥


Lately I've been a bit of a bad beauty blogger and have completely forgotten when my Glossyboxes have been due. This month though has been different and I have been counting down the days. Why? Because since sending out the November boxes, Glossybox have been teasing and hinting about their special end of year 2015 Glossybox. Not only is the box is a gorgeous rose gold shade which I'm sure that alone will make all the beauty bloggers out there desperate to get their hands on one, but they've also added an extra product! Woo!

I would also like to take this time to apologise for the terrible pictures, I couldn't manage to get any good ones with my bedroom light on. Blame the miserable weather and me now working full time! Oh well!

glossybox rose gold edition
glossybox rose gold edition
glossybox rose gold edition
glossybox rose gold edition

Inside this month's box:

Etre Belle Golden Skin Caviar Eye Roll On | £30.66
£30.66 for a eye roll on for me is a little pricey and I would expect it to be pretty amazing. I will try and hold off any judgement before actually trying it and giving it a fair chance!

So Susan Statement Skin Highlighter Pencil | £15
Me and So Susan haven't always had the best of relationships but this pencil does look pretty amazing. I'm definitely very excited to start using this highlighter pencil and I can guess that it'll probably get a lot of use over the Christmas period.

Collection Long Lasting Nail Effects | £2.99
Got to love a bit of Collection! The original budget beauty brand has done it again with this gorgeous glitter nail varnish! I'm very happy about this and it was the first product I tested out on myself after opening.

Hylamide Pore Delete | £18
I am very excited to try this! It's described as an instant fixer to those nasty pores so I will definitely enjoy testing this to see if it's actually as good as they say! Who doesn't want a perfectly smooth face?

Essence Liquid Lipstick in Show Off | £2.50
You really would be showing off with this lipstick because it looks NEON. It's probably too bright for me but I'm sure there's some special occasion when I could use this for.

Starskin Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Mask | £8.50 
I was sent the calming bio-cellulose face mask out of the available 4 and I have to admit that I didn't really have much of a preference. As long as it made my face look amazing after all the partying and drinking from over the Christmas period, it was okay in my book! 
glossybox rose gold edition

This sneak peek makes me very excited for next year!

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