The Perfect Alcoholic Diet Drink? LBD Flavoured Vodka! ♥


If you're following me on Instagram then you'll probably already know that I've recently signed up to Slimming World. It wasn't my choice, I was dragged along by my friend! But I found that after a few days I was really getting into it and found myself actually enjoying it. You honestly wouldn't believe how much you can eat! It's great!

The hardest thing for me to give up/reduce was my alcohol intake. I won't deny that I do enjoy a nice glass of cold wine at the end of the week. It just tastes so good! But after sharing this problem with our group leader, he suggested trying a flavoured vodka drink called LBD as they're quite forgiving with their syn total so on my next trip to Asda, I went on the search for them.

For all you that don't know LBD is an amazing tasting drink which is quick to make, light and very refreshing! It's a vodka-based spirit which comes in three unique flavours. And the best thing is it's perfect for those on diets! You can buy it ready-mixed in cans or straight in 50cl bottles where you can mix it yourself with lemonade.

lbd vodka
lbd vodka

As I said above, LBD offers three different flavours; Peach & Raspberry, Lime & Watermelon and Apple and Cranberry. As all of them sounded quite yummy, I brought all 3 so I could try them all. My firm favourite is definitely Peach Raspberry!

As I said above, they were suggested by our Slimming World leader as they're quite good for dieters. Each can is around the 98 calories mark and for anyone who is on Slimming World it's half the amount of syns compared to a "normal" bottle of vodka.  So what are you waiting for?!

If you're on the look out for cocktails for your Christmas/New Years Eve parties then these would be perfect. For a 50cl bottle it's £8 but it's normally on offer for £5 so keep your eye out! If you're interested in the ready-mixed cans, they're currently on sale for 4 for £5! Go and stock up!

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