Beauty Products: 10 Basis Things You Must Haves!


When it comes to women, they have the habit of buying and storing a number of beauty products. This leads to product overflow in their store. The best way to solve this problem is going for the basics. You only need just 10 products in your store to look best
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Whether you are warm undertone or cool undertone you need to use the right foundation. You can take the help of experts to find the right shade for you. If you are not sure, you can try out some on your cheeks, which one is barely visible is the best for you.
Tip: First of all clean your face and then apply moisturizer. Now by using sponge or brush or your fingers apply foundation. Make sure to apply on the areas where it is more needed and spread gently.

The best way to hide your dark circles is by applying concealer. Yes, it is true that it is temporary, but when applied properly will give good results.
Tip: First of all apply a non-greasy eye cream and then apply concealer using your ring finger. Apply them properly where you have dark circles and let it absorb for a minute. Make sure to spread it lightly or you will end up rubbing off the concealer.

If you succeed to apply the right blush it will make others feel like you are blushing rather that feeling that you have applied blush. For better looks, use lighter shades without shimmer.
Tip: Apply some blush with a brush on the apples of your cheeks. If you are able to see clearly the area where your blush begins or ends, this means that you have applied more or the shade is dark.

Eyelash curler
If you want to make your eyelashes look good with mascara, make sure to curl them using an eyelash curler.
Tip: Keep in mind that you should not curl your eyelashes once you have applied mascara. You can use eyelash curler which are made from plastic than from metal. All you have to do is to hold your eyelash from the base and press it for few seconds. You will be able to create amazing curls.

Use a good quality mascara for your eyes. It is good to toss it properly before you apply it.
Tip: Apply mascara on your eyelashes after curling them. Make sure to move the wand in the zigzag motion when you are moving from base to the tip of the eyelash. This will make sure that all the lashes are covered with mascara.

Eyes are very sensitive part and so for the same reason don’t use harsh things on it. Use an eyeliner which glides without much pressure. Make sure that the product is approved by an ophthalmologist.
Tip: When you are applying eyeliner to the upper eyelash, try to stretch your skin as it will make it tight and you will be able to apply to the base properly.

You can use a shimmery highlighter for your face. It will help to make your nose look slim and lift your brows. For versatility use peach, soft nude or pink shade.
Tip: If you want to make your nose look slim use thin line of highlighter on the length of the nose bone and spread properly. If you want to highlight your cheekbones, then apply highlighter above your blush on the cheeks.

Some shades look pink while others look brown. So make sure to find which shades helps to light up your entire face.
Tip: Make sure to take care of your chapped lips before applying lipstick. Better apply a thick layer when you go to bed and wake up with softer lips.

Eye shadow
Applying eye shadow is an art. Some shades look natural while others make you look out of the box. So for better result apply shades which are little darker from your skin tone.
Tip: Apply eye shadow using a brush. Make sure to apply light strokes so as to avoid any hard lines.

Brush set
You can perform your make-up properly. So better invest in some good quality brush set.
Tip: Make sure to clean your brush after every time you use it. Brush cleaners are available at cosmetic and department stores.

Apart from applying beauty products, you need to follow some beauty regimes to look good like doing regular facial, waxing and beauty and spa treatments. This helps to improve your natural looks. These services are available for less by using the Wahanda promo codes. So if you are planning to get ready for a special occasion, get yourself some time at Wahanda before you go for the above mentioned beauty products.


  1. that is a good tip for applying concealer!
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