Naobay Calming Face Toner Review!


Back in June last year, Instanatural sent me their Pore Tightening Vitamin C Facial Toner to try and review and although it's not something I really bothered with before, I found that I really enjoyed using it and it seemed to fit in well with my night and day time skincare routine. And that it actually made a difference to my skin, so I was very grateful!

Unfortunately though I used it all up quite quickly and I had no idea which other toner was good enough to take it's place. Luckily for me, Glossybox seemed to have heard my internal plea and sent me the Naobay Calming Facial toner in their August box last year! (yes, I'm very behind!)

naobay toner

This isn't the first time I've heard of Naobay as they're a bit of recurring product used in Glossyboxes and back in May last year, I used their Moisturising Peel Facial Scrub, another product I loved. So I was quite excited to try the toner and I already expected g

I wasn't really sure what to expect from this "calming" toner but I surprised to discover that it gave a a very strange but pleasant cooling feeling all over my face. Sort of like rubbing your face over with a cold damp cloth, just less wet. Weird description I know!

Obviously the main question is: does it work? And for the most part I think it does. As I said I've been using the Insta Natural toner before this and I haven't noticed a decline in my skin condition so I'm taking that as a good sign? I've had no major breakouts and my skin still looks youthful and healthy so surely that's a win!

Overall I really enjoyed this toner and I'm happy to have it replace my beloved Insta Natural toner. I'm not sure how tempted I will be to repurchase due to the price tag, but it's still a really great product and I will happily enjoy using the last of it! You can check it out on Amazon for £10.22 here!
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