Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in Soft Beige Review


Since the cold harsher weather has started to come back with a vengeance, I've tried to take extra care when it comes to my skin. Most days I won't even apply foundation and I'll just simply use a slightly tinted moisturiser and maybe a little powder to cover my shiny forehead but then I'm out the door and on my way!

A couple of weeks though I finished off my favourite foundation and I decided to treat myself to a something new and hopefully one that will love and protect my skin throughout Winter. I eventually decided on the Rimmel Match Perfection as it's said to be extremely light and is great for making your skin look sheer and radiant. And who doesn't want that?

rimmel foundation
rimmel foundation
rimmel foundation
rimmel foundation
rimmel foundation

At first I have to admit that I wasn't too sure on my choice of change as my previous foundation was a lot thicker and I felt like it gave me a lot more coverage and as Match Perfection was quite a thin formula, I presumed it would give less coverage. Obviously, I was wrong.

Even after a few hours of applying, the foundation was looking just as perfect as it was when I first applied. I did have a slight shiny T zone but since I'd normally get this with even the best foundation in the world, I still class that as a win!
At the end of the day though, that's when it looked like it went very downhill. My foundation was nearly all gone and I looked in a word - rough. Lasting power was definitely a con for this foundation!

Another part that I didn't enjoy about this foundation was there was no pump or applicator for the bottle. I'm so used to just using a small pump amount of foundation and it normally means I can ration the bottle to last for months. That was not really possible with Match Perfection as you just have to tip the foundation straight on your hand or sponge. And for me, that meant a lot of spillage. I am not a fan!

Overall I really enjoyed this foundation and although I would happily buy this again, I don't think I'd be rushing to Superdrug to pick up another bottle. I do prefer my old favourite but it was a nice change! If you feel like giving this a go for yourself, you can check it out here for £7.99 on Superdrug.


  1. no pump? why Rimmel, why? I find they do offer pretty good coverage but yh the lasting power isnt that great. If you wear it with a primer maybe it works better? :)
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. I know! I can't use foundations without a pump!
      I will definitely try the primer trick and hopefully it'll last a little bit longer! xo