W7 Lip Bomb! Raspberry Review!


I think that only having 3 lip balms in the house is a complete nightmare. I always have to have one on hand as I feel like my lips are always in need of TLC. It might just be because it's near Winter and the colder months are just having an effort on my lips or I might be slightly mad. Either way - I love my lip balms.

Well a couple of months ago I purchased the W7 Lip Bomb! in Cherry Blossom and I completely forgot to blog about it! Forunately I did manage to get my hands on their Raspberry scent so I thought I would try and remember to blog about it this time.

w7 lip bomb
w7 lip bomb
w7 lip bomb

First off, it's not the most moisturising lip balm in the world and it will never win any awards for being the best lip balm in the world but I still really enjoyed using it! As you can see from the packaging, they are clearly trying to be EOS but, not really a patch on their formula.

It's still a nice little product and the scent of Raspberry is just amazing. I'd definitely recommend trying it if you haven't done before. I brought this from eBay but you can check it out on the W7 website where it's currently on sale for £4.95!
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